Weird Dream

The alarm went off at 4:20am and I quickly realized I needed an extra 20 minutes of shut eye, so I hit the snooze and quickly went back under.

Next thing I know I’m at my aunt’s old two-story house that she hasn’t lived in close to ten years now. We’re all standing around looking out of the picture window on the second floor. My grandma was there, as was my mom, wife, and my kids. My grandma has been dead for over 6 years now and my kids were all little in the dream. It was some sort of impromptu family get together. I was holding a bowl of soup, which consisted of a dark broth and pieces of a pine tree. The door opened downstairs so I went down to see who it was. It was my aunt, the one whose house we were at. She told me there was some sort of strange animal on the porch and that my dad had shot it. She said he walked back his house to put the gun away and he’d be back. I quickly went over to the window to look at the animal(she said the name of this particular creature but I can’t recall what she called it.) I saw this furry creature that looked like a cross between a koala bear and a beetle slowly crawling along the porch. I followed it along the window and when I got close to the porch door there was a monkey starting in at me. I was shocked because, well, why was there a monkey on the porch of a house in downtown Plymouth, Indiana? I then realized the wall was completely glass, so it looked as if the monkey could come right in. I yelled upstairs and said “Hey! There’s a monkey on the porch. The kind you’d see at the zoo! Look out the window!” It looked like a cross between a kapuchin and a lemur. A demonic Zoboomafoo sort of. It quickly stood up on it’s legs and started walking away. It jumped down off the porch and quickly grew to the size of a full grown man. Like 6’5″ tall and it was suddenly wearing a clown outfit. Just then two more jumped off the roof of the house, one as tall as the first one and another that was shorter. All of them were dressed as clowns and they began walking down towards my parents house where my dad was. I knew their dog would start barking and going crazy so I tried calling their phone number in my aunt’s kitchen on an old rotary phone to warn him not to answer the door. I kept dialing one number wrong and would have to retry. Then once I dialed it I realized I had to dial the area code for some reason, even though they were just two houses down. I looked to my right and my dad was standing right there next to me. I said “I was trying to call you to warn you about those monkey clowns.” “I just got here.”

Then the alarm went off.

I think the Frosted Mini Wheats I ate as a snack before bed might have been laced with PCP.

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