This will be a short one, folks. I’ve got a nifty new 10 inch vinyl to spin from my friends(pushers) at Mondotees and Death Waltz. It’s a little project called Victims, and the record is called Form Hell. It’s two tracks of bubbly, delicious heavy synth and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Well, had it been free or sent with a check for $1,000 I’d definitely be a hell of a lot more thrilled. But it didn’t come with free money and I did pay for this record. But I’m still thrilled.

IMG_2037Man, Mondotees has my number. I get emails every week from them on Monday letting me know what cool records or art they’re releasing on that following Wednesday. I can’t remember the last time they sent me an email and there wasn’t at least one thing that caught my eye and wallet. Sure, they’ve had a few that I just wasn’t interested in the music so I passed. But for the most part there’s always something really cool to snag. Hell, even if the music isn’t that appealing what their steady stream of guest artists do for the album art is enough for me to snag it. I’ve come to realize that the appeal of these Mondo/Death Waltz releases is just as much about the album art as the music itself. I’ve come to truly appreciate every aspect of these records. The music is number one, for sure. But album art like the Drive S/T, House By The Cemetery, Maniac, and Lucio Fulci’s Horror & Thriller are just a handful of the beautiful imagery these guys offer up on a consistent basis.

IMG_2036How can I say no to this kind of stuff? I’m weak, I know. I’ve got a problem. I think I’ve got the Mondomania. I know it’s the collector in me. It’s also the obsessive in me as well. I know that I don’t have to have these things, but that voice in my head tells me I do have to have them. It taunts me and cackles when I tell it I’m going to pass on an album. It knows that all it has to do is bring up the words “limited edition” and “limited to 500 copies” and the sweat starts to form on my brow. The colors, the imagery, the creepy music…it all works together to defeat common sense in me. My wife, she’s a saint folks. She sees these flat, cardboard boxes arriving on our front stoop at a fairly regular pace and says nothing, other than “Hey you got a record today.” She doesn’t berate me or anything. I think she knows I have a problem. No amount of humiliation will change the fact that I will continue to buy these wonderfully colored gems from the Lone Star State.

Anyways, I think my vinyl problem is well documented by now. Here’s what Mondotees has to say about Victims:

Form Hell is the debut release by Victims, the collaborative project of film composer Timothy Fife, and Video Nasties member, Chris Livengood. Mainstays in the darkest, most obscure netherworlds of the New England underground scene, the work of these individuals has circulated over the past decade only amongst the filthy hands and minds of those in the know. Together as Victims, the two make synthesizer music inspired in equal measure by the highest and lowest expressions of the medium.

“Form Hell” finds the two minds meeting and melting at their most damaged point: the holes torn open by repeated viewings of the most filthy of films, setting forth a pulsating kosmiche geyser of shimmering cinematic sounds.

That pretty much sums this one up. I would say that both tracks are very reminiscent of Tangerine Dream. A nice mix of Phaedra and Rubycon. The former’s eerie restraint and the latter’s engaging flow. Victims doesn’t seem to try too hard to be overly spooky, either. I like that. I actually wish this was a full-length LP. I could go for a whole 40 minutes of this. As it stands, I’ll devour the 14-15 minutes they’ve given me on this incredibly lovely colored vinyl and be happy about it. It’s also played at 45RPM, so you know it sounds pretty incredible.

FullSizeRender (8)Okay, that’s all I got. I’ve been pretty wiped out lately so my drive to sit down and write has been taken over by the drive to jog in the summer heat, eat dinner, and then melt into the couch. It’s not like I’m not writing or anything. I’ve just been preoccupied with just enjoying the music, as opposed to writing about it.

But then here I go, writing about music. It’s the damn Mondomania.


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