Miles Brown Returns With New Album ‘The Gateway’; Listen To Haunting “Shudder Speed”

I first heard Miles Brown in his band The Night Terrors. The Australian electronic auteur is a monster of a musican, making hauntingly Gothic music from early 80s electro rhythms, synths, and a virtuosic mastering of the theremin. Albums like Back To Zero, Spiral Vortex, and Pavor Nocturnus solidified The Night Terrors’ place in space/prog/Goth […]

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Joel Grind : Echoes in a Crystal Tomb

When Joel Grind isn’t making speed metal in Toxic Holocaust or producing and mastering other artists in his Pacific Northwest studio, he can sometimes be found behind synthesizers. His work under his own name is a mix of darkly lit electronic music that tows the line between deep space Komische, horror/sci-fi scores, and pure atmospheric […]

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Hunter Complex : Open Sea

Lars Meijer’s Hunter Complex is a one man music project that locks into a very specific time in synth-based electronic music. He centers on the late 70s and early 80s, a time where heavy hitters like Froese, Roedelius, and Hammer were taking their heady electronic trips and honing them into tighter, more pop-based sounds. In-particular, […]

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Graham Reznick : Glass Angles

Have you ever gone into a dressing room with those large vanity mirrors set up so you can look at yourself in all conceivable angles? You know, so you can make sure you look top notch in those Jordache jeans? Or those knock off Italian boots that some soulless beauty wore on that TV show […]

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“Another Los Angeles” : Graham Reznick Talks Influences, Film, and New Album ‘Glass Angles’

You may not be familiar with the name Graham Reznick, but I don’t think it will be long until you are. Reznick has been working in the independent film world for years now, wearing multiple hats. What hats, you ask? Well he’s done sound design, engineering, mixing, and scoring. He’s also acted, written, composed, and […]

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King’s Filth and Other Love Songs

Le Matos. A French Canadian synth band from Montreal. I’m not sure how to describe their music other than to say it’s a boisterously uplifting kind of electronic. It’s techno, heavy synth, house, and just plain hard-driving music. It’s what you’d have playing as you’re cruising the digital world in your Tron light cycle. It’s […]

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Dime Store Nihilists

I suppose the fact that I spent the money I did on the Mondo release of the Fight Club S/T would put me in bad graces with the film’s titular angry imaginary best friend Tyler Durden(oops, spoiler. If you haven’t seen the film by now you obviously don’t have internet on the compound in which […]

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