New Tune : Jakob Skott’s “The Variable”

So not only does one of my favorite bands drop a new album this past Friday, their drummer is readying a new album for the end of April. Holy moly! Causa Sui have just released their new record, the mammoth chunk of molten rock called Return To Sky. That album is the grittiest, rawest form of Causa Sui we have heard yet. Slap that vinyl on the turntable, throw on some headphones, and within seconds you’ll feel as if you’re sitting in that studio in Denmark with a lager in your hand as the those Causa Sui cats are wailing away just a few feet from your sorry face. Seriously, it’s an intense music experience. They’ve made longer, more epic in girth records; double albums like Eupori Tide, or the three record Summer Sessions, but Return To Sky will happily melt your psyche in just five epic tracks. So imagine the glee I felt when on Friday afternoon they announce All The Colours Of The Dust, the new long player by monster Causa Sui drummer Jakob Skott. Well, there was lots of glee let me tell you.

Skott is the kind of drummer that brings to mind names like Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, John Bonham, and Bill Ward. Yes, he has the cool calm and careful aggression of jazz greats like Jones and Williams but has the force and power of Bonham and Ward. He’s really the best of both worlds, and one of the premier drummers of my time(seriously.) But besides bashing the skins like no one’s business he also is quite adept at analog synth wizardry. His first solo record, the Boards of Canada-ish Doppler made me a fan. The was nary even a cymbal crash on that album. It was all bubbly analog warmth and sci fi cityscapes. With Amor Fati Skott started what has become his signature song style; the massive power of his free form drumming carrying the whizzes, bleeps, and blips of his analog synth narratives. That record felt like the score to the most badass sci fi flick you ever saw at 2 in the morning on cable access. You got the feeling of being moved along some intergalactic fable. He followed Amor Fati up with Taurus Rising, another synth and drum knockout drag out of a record that showed Skott honing his composition skills and kicking up the groove-o-meter a few notches.

Now we have All The Colours Of The Dust and it’s first single “The Variable”. If this track is any indication Jakob Skott is continuing to push the grooves to match the verocity(and velocity) of those synths. It’s seven and a half minutes of squalling and squealing synth chatter as the drums fall into a syncopated jazz beat, as if Tony Williams was laying some serious sweat and blood on the skins as Boards Of Canada abuse the oscillators on a Moog Sub Phatty. Everything comes to a boil around the three minute mark then steadies into a hazy analog dream. It’s just about perfect.

If you’re not familiar with Jakob Skott and his impeccable and prodigious synth/drum sci fi groove epics then get familiar. This guy’s the real dea. And so is Causa Sui. The whole crew over at El Paraiso Records can do no wrong. Hell, I may just buy a place in Copenhagen just so I can visit. Maybe share a Walnut cake or a Skyr panna cotta with the guys.

All The Colours Of The Dust comes on out April 22nd. Preorder it here.

7 thoughts on “New Tune : Jakob Skott’s “The Variable”

  1. And another great El Pariaso cover to boot!
    Thanks to you, I’m now a big fan of Jonas Munk but so far remain unconvinced by Causa Sui. I know it should be right up my Guru Guru alley, but they have yet to convince me. Maybe I should just buy more and lock myself in a room with them for a few weeks…

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    1. Well there is definitely a completely different vibe with Munk’s solo outings in comparison to Causa Sui, so I can understand you not being able to get into the Causa Sui. I would recommend Causa Sui’s ‘Pewt’r Sessions 3’ to you. I think it might just be your in with them. If you’ve already tried it and nothing, then just stick with Mr. Munk solo.

      But…I hope you give Jakob Skott a spin. This new one coming out is incredible. All of his stuff is incredible. If you’ve never heard ‘Doppler’, then look that up on Spotify and give it both ears. That one is a synth beauty.

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