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So I took my son to the school art show today. Kids from all the local elementary schools had pieces put in by the art teachers. Or maybe it’s just one teacher for all the schools. I’m not sure. I know that according to popular belief and local school administration that sports is much more important than the “fine arts”(I would have typed liberal arts but there’s a ban on that word in this county.) I know that among the elementary schools in this town(there’s at least 7 in the school district) they all share one music teacher, where as 35 years ago when I was in elementary school the schools each had their own music and art teacher, as well as gym teacher. I guess those ridiculous “arts” don’t need any sort of diversity in teaching styles among different teachers. It’s just an extra the kids could easily do without.

But our high school HAS to have a turf football field. That’s essential to our middling team.

IMG_1557Anyways, my wife had to stay home as our 12 year old daughter is having two friends spend the night tonight and needed to be here in case either of them showed up early. It was just the boy and myself. We figured there wouldn’t be any harm in stopping in at Chimp’s Comix afterwards to peruse the monthlies and graphic novels(only seemed right) after we got our fill of the fine arts.

We made our way to the PAC(performing arts center) at the high school and began looking at the many fine drawings, paintings, and even some ceramic pieces. Whenever I get a chance to see some fine art coming from the 12 and under crowd I’m always amazed at the quality of work there. These kids are at a point in their lives where the world is their oyster, and their minds are vast and open and soaking in everything around them. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s sad to think that so many of these budding artists aren’t encouraged to follow the muse when it comes to their artistic creativity. As I said before, sports are where it’s at around here. Sports and orthopedics(it only now just occurred to me how those two go hand in hand.) Those dreamy artistic aspirations are rubbed out by parents with preconceived ideas that a future in the arts is about as realistic as their kid winning an academy award, or reaching the moon in a lunar pod. Yet, these are the same parents that think little Johnny or little Sally could very well make the Olympic volleyball team or be an NBA star if Johnny and Sally keep playing on those travelling sports leagues and miss out on their childhood entirely(I’ve seen this firsthand folks, so yes it is a sore subject for me.)

The boy with his work of art(middle pic)
The boy with his work of art(middle pic)

But I must not dwell on the negative, as I was able to enjoy some truly wonderful art today. After some guidance from my son’s art teacher we located his piece; a drawing of him in a cave. It was a great little piece. Within seconds of finding his drawing he said he was ready for a cookie and some punch(these were served to everyone, sponsored by a group of some sort.) I told him to help himself, I was going to peruse a little longer. There was still a lot to see.

I think we were there for maybe 35 minutes. My son ate his cookie and finished his lemonade and we were off to Chimp’s Comix for a different kind of art fix.


10 thoughts on “Fine Art

  1. This is great. I don’t recall ever doing something like this while at school. Good to see some encouragement for kids to explore art and their artistic side. Don’t reckon it’s ever been viewed as something with much value (“where’s that gonna get you?”, etc).

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    1. I remember a couple of art shows as a kid, but never having work displayed in them. I was more of a photography guy once I hit high school. I’m glad they’re encouraging kids to be creative.

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    1. You know what, you might be onto something. After my son ate his cookie and drank his punch he said he couldn’t wait to vote for Trump in the Republican primary. We headed straight to the comic book store and after some of Jack Kirby’s ‘Kamandi’ and a healthy dose of Frank Miller he seemed to calm down and the comb over went away.

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