Days of Chimps and Roses

I never read comic books growing up. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in superheroes, it was just that I prefered getting my caped crusader fix via afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons. I used my imagination via action figures and created my own world, as opposed to following the classic storylines of Stan Lee, Jack […]

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At The Movies

The first movie I ever saw in North Pointe Cinemas was Mars Attacks! in December of 1996. It was also opening night of North Pointe Cinemas, which was a 6-screen theater. Prior to that, we’d had the Lake Theater in downtown Warsaw, as well as the two-screen Center Cinema. The Lake Theater and Center Cinema […]

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Time Loves A Hero

I can remember being a kid and watching superhero TV shows and movies. I loved the fantasy and the escape to some other world than mine. I can also remember feeling like I wish those superhero worlds were a little closer to what I imagined in my head. Not the safe worlds of Christopher Reeves’ […]

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Death, You Cantankerous Letch

When you live in times like these it’s hard not to think about ones fate, and ultimately death. Sometimes it barely cracks the surface with me, but there are some days when those thoughts of the morbid and dark are around every corner. Maybe I’ll bite it going to work. Or maybe I’ll choke on […]

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Fine Art

So I took my son to the school art show today. Kids from all the local elementary schools had pieces put in by the art teachers. Or maybe it’s just one teacher for all the schools. I’m not sure. I know that according to popular belief and local school administration that sports is much more […]

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Weird Scenes Inside The Hall of Superheroes or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Spring Break

Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin Grown men in tights. That kind of thing would normally make me uncomfortable. Possibly squirm in my seat, even. I’m not much for the ballet and overzealous cod pieces. Remember that guy on Captain Kangaroo? The skin suit guy that […]

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Two X-Men? Two Deadly Villains?

Just got back from town where my son bought $20 worth of .50 comics. Maybe a Wolverine graphic novel and a couple of $1 X-Men comics made their way to the counter as well. Right now he’s going through them and carefully putting them in plastic sleeves that we bought last weekend as part of […]

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