Afterthought Part Two : Pinkish Black’s ‘Bottom of the Morning’

Pinkish Black’s Bottom of the Morning is one of those albums you need a few listens with before you can start to truly appreciate what they’ve created. I’m not familiar with their previous records, but this one is a full-on synth/drum goth album. Bottom of the Morning also includes vocals from keyboardist Daron Beck, which push this album to the next level. His baritone is really quite wonderful, somewhere between Ian Curtis and Peter Murphy but with more focus than either. Musically this album is a decent amount of Zombi’s synth/drum duo interplay, but less space-y and futuristic vibes. This record is dark sounds from the dark places of our minds. It’s less sci-fi and more doom and gloom horror. It’s an end of the world party and this is the soundtrack.

“Brown Rainbow”, “Special Dark”, “I’m All Gone”, “Burn My Body”, and “Everything Must Go” never waver when telling their tales of death and end of times tales, but they’re never done in some maudlin way. The music grooves and moves throughout, like an episode of Creature Feature soundtracked by the grooviest ghouls you’d ever meet. “I’m All Gone” especially has an almost strut to it as the synths turn cold and black in the air around you. “Burn My Body” tells the tale of the last man alive aboard a sinking ship inhabited by thousands of flesh-eating rats. His final plea? “Burn my body.”

I didn’t say it was uplifting, but I’m definitely saying it’s good.

The 9 1/2 minute title track has an almost jazz quality to it’s swinging rhythm. Strange enough it sounds like something you would’ve heard on a segment on Sesame Street back in the 70s. The piano line throughout is that bridge back to childhood I think. There’s an instrumental track towards the end called “The Master Is Away” that is quite lovely and menacing all in the same 5 minutes.

I had just become aware of Pinkish Black in November, with the album being released quite appropriately on October 31st. I didn’t get my hands on the album until a week or so before Thanksgiving, so I hadn’t had enough time with it to solidify in my brain. But it’s definitely made an impression on me. A band I will keep following from here on out.





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