constants are changing

As I walked outside this morning to leave for work in the black of 5:40am Eastern time I was greeted by something quiteIMG_0891 wonderful: cool air. Yes, as the garage door lifted for me to walk around and get in my car there was, dare I say, a briskness in the air. Coming from merely three days prior being 86 degrees, this is what the morons call “a miracle”. Sure, a mere anomaly in the scheme of things, especially when we’re talking about mid-August in Indiana, but let me tell you I quite liked it. Around 8 am I headed out for my morning walk at work and was greeted with dark gray overcast skies and a 59 degree chill in the air.

This day has put me in the mood for fall, folks. You know, I’ve done all right this summer. I’ve gotten used to the overbearing heat, the rays of the ozone-stripped sun, and sweat streaming down my back on my afternoon walks. Hell, I’ve even gotten some color on this Germanic complexion of mine. But truth be told, it’s all just a facade. A charade. As John Lovitz used to say on SNL, “I’m merely acting!” Yep, in the summer I just play the part of someone likes the hot. In reality I’m myself when the days get shorter, the leaves change color, and jackets are a necessity. I love hooded sweatshirts, brisk walks, and dark grey skies dominating my headspace.

This is Boards of Canada weather for me.

Whenever the air gets a chill and coats are worn walking about town I’m always ready for BoC to soundtrack whatever I might be doing. Raking pine needles, cleaning the house, a stroll through the wooded neighborhood,…pretty much whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I can listen to Music Has The Right To Children, Geogaddi, or The Campfire Headphase year-round. In the last few years they’ve become pretty much my favorite band(and that’s saying a lot), but autumn is when their music seems to strike a particular chord with me that they don’t any other time of the year.

It’s been a strange week. Not sure why, really. My dad celebrated his 69th birthday on the 18th. He’s currently recuperating from surgery he had three weeks ago. He had a bone spur removed from his ankle. Seems it was rubbing against his Achilles tendon, causing him a lot of pain. So they went in and severed his tendon, shaved down the spur, then reattached the tendon. It’s three months of not putting any weight on that leg. No rehab, but three months of a cast and not doing much of anything. He’s got this roll around thing that lets him get around, but he’s still pretty much home bound. The wife and I are taking him and my mom out for dinner Saturday evening at a place called The Bonefish Grill. Should be fun, and a chance for my dad to get out of his leather chair at home(as well as my mom getting out for a change, too.)

A friend of mine asked me about working on some music with him. Sharing music files back and forth. Working on music as if we’re scoring films that don’t exist. We’re both big fans of music scores, both in film and video games, and we want to take a crack at that. It’s hard getting together, so this file sharing thing might pan out pretty well. He’s into electronic music, and I’m more into making the organic stuff, so we’ll mix both. It should be pretty interesting.

My wife found out this afternoon that one of her good friends probably won’t live through the weekend. She had cancer years ago and was in remission when it came back with a vengeance. It spread everywhere. She’d gone in for surgery to have to stints removed from her kidneys as they were failing when she just crashed. The docs said she’s got 24 to 48 hours to get things in order. Her and her husband have five children, ranging from 5 to 15 years old. Penny(her name) is one of the sweetest ladies you’d ever meet. She’d do anything for anybody. She was in PTO(Parent Teacher Organization) with my wife at our childrens’ Elementary school for probably over 5 years. I can’t even imagine what that family is going through right now. Five kids are gonna lose their mom. A husband will lose his wife. Bad things happen to good people all the time; everyday. Doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.

Anyways, I’m ready for fall to be here for good. I’m ready for some changing of the seasonal guard. I’m ready for my wool coat and leather gloves. I’m ready to see my breath in the air again. I’m ready for a good cup of coffee to warm my insides at 6am on a chilly October morning.

Like I said, it’s been a strange week. Reading back, I guess I can see why.


5 thoughts on “constants are changing

  1. Hurrah! for cool air. I’d been enjoying the first signs of the Scottish winter kicking in until an unexpected bout of hotness this week. Bah. Hope the music project is fruitful – sounds like it will be. Perhaps a score to some ultra violent action movie is on the cards?

    Hope your wife’s doing okay. That’s pretty horrible news to be getting (and the kind that’s hard to make sense of).

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    1. Much appreciated, sir. She’s hanging in there.

      It’s those teases of cold air that get you. What are your winters like? Do you get bombarded with snow? Or does it just get really cold?

      I’m thinking something like a dystopian sci fi flick. Or Eraserhead.


      1. Our winters are just cold and grey (dystopian sci-fi grey). Usually starts right after summer. We don’t get any other seasons, y’see. The last week has been horrible. That muggy and heavy air. Horrible.

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  2. I can see how that’s a week that will wrong foot you, I hope Mrs H is okay.

    Noooo!!!! Im not an Autumn fan at all, I’m a spring into summer guy, I love it when everything’s all lush. It’s just wet here at the moment, I’m pining for sunnier climes.


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