Greetings From Holiday Island

FullSizeRender (4)Hello guys and gals! How have you been?

I hope your holiday season has been a pleasant one. I shared a few rum and cokes with the old man on Christmas and watched quite a bit of tv about older men dropping serious cash on vintage cars. The kids were thrilled with what was under the Christmas tree, and the wife was thrilled with her new coat, shoes, and the portrait my good pal Shane Darin Page did for us.

All in all, it was a great Christmas.

Saturday we headed to Indianapolis to spend some serious Christmas cash. We all had things we wanted to look for. The wife wanted to find some threads in the business/casual theme for work. My oldest had no idea what she wanted, so she bought the entire series of ‘Community’. My youngest daughter bought some boots and a scarf, while my son found his Mecca at the Lego store at the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis. A Guardians of the Galaxy set and a Batman set were procured(they were both put together by noon Sunday.)

I had but two goals: get my Fossil watch running and grab some vinyl(of course.) Well the watch thing didn’t work out like I’d hoped. I dropped off my watch and told them I need a new battery. They said 20 minutes tops. So we all ate some grub at the food court and my son and I took off for our mall adventure. We hit Fossil up for my watch only to find out that there was a movement issue with the watch, not a battery issue. Fortunately they’ll fix it free of charge. They just have to send it off to get fixed, then Fossil will ship it to my house. I guess all I have to pay is shipping. Not sure how any of this works, but my watch is there with my information. I’m hoping for the best. I hope they can fix it, as it’s my favorite watch. I’ve had it since January of 2002. My wife and I went down to Indy for a night out and ended up buying me this great watch.

The second goal of mine was met wonderfully. First place we hit was Luna Music and I snagged Can’s Tago Mago(Unofficial European version from 2007) and Kluster’s Scharz(Eruption). Krautrock magic, right there. After four painful hours at the mall, we made our way to Half Price Books and I grabbed to wonderful jazz reissues. First was Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage. Classic album, period. I also grabbed Waxtime’s beautiful reissue of Bill Evans with Philly Joe Jones’ On Dolphin Street. Criminally underpriced vinyl right there. Finally, we stopped at Indy CD and Vinyl and I happily purchased Oneohtrix Point Never’s R Plus Seven and Wooden Shjips’ Dos. I also snagged an Indy CD and Vinyl t-shirt for $10. I was hoping to find Kraftwerk’s Computer World, but it couldn’t be found anywhere. Maybe next time.

Today(Sunday) was some tasty New Orleans French Roast I picked up at the Fresh Market on College Ave and grabbing some groceries. New Year’s Eve is coming up this Wednesday. I’m looking forward to it as my parent’s are coming over for some shredded beef sandwiches, euchre, and of course some libations. Maybe I’ll post something before then, maybe I won’t. Let me know what you’re New Year’s resolutions are. Let me know how your holiday went.

I’m out of here. Gonna go eat some tacos, watch Moonrise Kingdom, and get geared up for work tomorrow.

Good day.

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7 thoughts on “Greetings From Holiday Island

  1. A goodly haul there, i like the T-shirt best. I bought the Cluster (1971) LP this time last year, i think it might be one of those things where i like the music the original inspired better than the true original. Glad you had a good Crimbo though.

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    1. It’s definitely one that’s not for every occasion, but I found myself actually enjoying it quite a bit yesterday. Sounds the the beginnings of industrial music. Or the soundtrack to Eraserhead.

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