El Supremo

The week has been oddly long for some reason. Came home yesterday, took the dog for a very windy walk, cleaned the kitchen and dining room, finished up the laundry, then proceeded to melt into the chair. I was tired all day(ironic then, that I come home and do like 3 hours of housework.) I […]

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At The Movies

The first movie I ever saw in North Pointe Cinemas was Mars Attacks! in December of 1996. It was also opening night of North Pointe Cinemas, which was a 6-screen theater. Prior to that, we’d had the Lake Theater in downtown Warsaw, as well as the two-screen Center Cinema. The Lake Theater and Center Cinema […]

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January 1st, 2021

So does it feel different? Did you wake from last evenings fun and boozy bubbles and feel as if a new leaf was turned? The light a bit brighter and the heaviness a bit lighter? Yeah? No? I woke to the sound of tapping at my bedroom window. It was sleet hitting the glass at […]

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If ever there was a year that gave so many so little to be thankful for, it’s 2020. Illness, deaths, job losses, isolated from family and friends, and the entire election cycle of poisoned rhetoric and flat-out lies has made this a year I think we’d all like to just flush like the giant turd […]

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Ode To A Movie Theater

What was the last movie you saw at the theater before the world went to shit? Me? My son and I saw The Invisible Man. I loved it. I wish I could go see it again. Or go see anything at all. Hell, give me an Ernest Comes Back From The Dead or Final Destination […]

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Schoolz Out

School’s out for summer Today is the day every boy and girl anticipates from the time the school year starts: the last day of school. Yes, every day, every piece of homework, every convocation in the gym, every computer lab, and every field trip throughout the year is nothing more than passing time until that […]

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Greetings From Holiday Island

Hello guys and gals! How have you been? I hope your holiday season has been a pleasant one. I shared a few rum and cokes with the old man on Christmas and watched quite a bit of tv about older men dropping serious cash on vintage cars. The kids were thrilled with what was under […]

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