Labor Daze

photo (39)As a kid Labor Day was this great holiday. It was a gift from the holiday Gods(and calendar makers) that gave us school-age punks a blessed three-day weekend not long after we’d started back up with school. Hell, when I was still in my Osh Kosh B’Gosh we didn’t even go back to school till AFTER Labor Day. Somewhere along the way some a**holes infiltrated the ranks of the local school administration and changed all that. They made Labor Day weekend something for kiddos to look forward to after three weeks of getting up early and bumpy school bus rides.

As you got older and out of school Labor Day became(if you’re lucky) a paid holiday off from the sludge of 9 to 5 territory. It essentially gave the working stiffs two Fridays(actual Friday being Friday while Saturday being Friday Part Deux.) Sunday then becomes your Saturday, while Monday, Labor Day, becomes this twisted mix of Sunday AND Monday: Sumonday. Or Munday. It was great for the young and childless as you had the once a year opportunity to “act a fool”, as it were, on Sunday night with none of the Monday work day consequences. Barbecues, beers, mischief, and you still had all day Monday(or Munday…or Sumonday) to recover from those headaches in a can. Life was good.


Ehh, I think it’s a joke. One of those jokes that’s really not that funny that’s told by some loud, overweight lout in a bar that you laugh at just so he’ll shut his face and go away. It’s a holiday that at it’s inception held some clout and meant something(sorta like most holidays nowadays), but it’s become a reminder of just how lacking we are in this country when it comes to showing it’s labor force some respect. Labor Day is the paltry tip left on the nightstand by that fat John known as “corporation” for the bruised and battered “lady of the night” known as the “labor force”. More and more, we’re seeing these big corporations buying smaller companies based in other countries and then moving the former US-based headquarters to said small company’s headquarters in(insert European, Middle Eastern, Asian country or Caribbean island here) so that they can lower their tax rate. Meanwhile, the employees of said companies continue to pay their taxes and have their taxes increased to cover the lack of tax money that’s not coming in because companies like their employees are saying “sayonara” to the US and it’s tax system.

Listen, this is a legal business tactic. I get that. It’s within these companies rights to do this legal headquarters overseas swap. Is it ethical? Well, are they sharing that tax savings with the workers that got them where they are? I can say from personal experience that they in fact are not. And we as shareholders of our company we are paying a nice chunk of taxes on our company’s shares, as part of the new deal is that we have to cash in our old stock for stock in the “new” company. Depending on how much of the stock you have you could be paying a hefty chunk in taxes. Most of my retirement investments are in other stocks and shares and not my own company’s shares, but I do have some. I’ll be interested to see how this thing plays out. The current administration says this is bad and thinks current tax laws should be re-written so billion dollar corporations can pay their fair share, yet they’re not doing much to change it. Just a lot of jaw-jacking. Democrat or Republican sitting in the Oval office, it doesn’t matter; big business is the real boss here. All the huffing and puffing is for show. We(the workers) pay the price for any medial success we achieve in life, while ones that do nothing will reign supreme.

Welcome to the American Dream.

Sorry for all this today. Despite this tax craziness, I can’t complain about where I am in life. I do have a good job and I get paid well for what I do. It allows me to live comfortably(with lots of frugality involved), take care of my family and indulge in my musical eccentricities. We can do fun things and still have a few shillings left in the bank afterwards. But corporate shystery tends to bug me. Especially on Labor Day. The one day gifted to the employee from their employer.

Happy Munday, or Sumonday…or Mundaneday.


7 thoughts on “Labor Daze

  1. We got that up here too. I work for a college, funded by the Ontario government.
    My retirement fund is managed by a firm.
    My husband’s job for a large media conglomerate in Canada changed the rules on their retirement fund, and now he has to manage his own investments. To anyone who finds math difficult and is mystified by investments, he hates this end of things. This is the first employer he has that changed it all. And we feel stressed because it’s all on us.
    We have RRSPs, invested money, and we even lost money with the Wall Street debacle, which stressed us out even more! It really does suck.


    1. But I’m sure the media conglomerate he works for has some nice looking portfolios.

      I’m all for doing good for yourself as a business owner, but many seem to forget how they became rich and successful: the cogs in the machine. Everything goes to hell once that business owner sells out to a bigger company and the line to the big guy begins to fade. It becomes this labyrinth of executives, managers, VPs, and board members that could give a rat’s ass about “the little guy”. I’m grateful for the benefits I receive and the pay I get, don’t get me wrong. But until these companies get through their heads that “sharing the wealth” isn’t necessarily a bad thing(damn socialists!), we’ll continue to see a decline in the solidity of the worker bee.

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      1. I like apple pie, but I prefer pecan pie. I met Doris Day once in a dream and it was quite awkward. She hasn’t returned to my dreams since. And I’m a mini-van sorta fellow.


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