Music Has The Right To BeyBlades

DSC03855It’s a pretty brisk, rainy, gray day here in Midwest, USA. Most folks would poo poo about that, “Whaah! It’s rainy and cold. Boo hoo hoo!” Well guess what sad eyes, go change your diaper and get out of my general space. This is October in northern Indiana. If you don’t like it, go move in with grandma and grandpa down in Retirement, FLA.

In all seriousness, I’m digging this weather. Loving it, actually. Okay, maybe if it was a little dryer that would be nice. Gee, there I go sounding like Pampers up there. Sorry. It’s a pretty quiet night here. The girls are all gone off doing their own thing, so the boy and I are here battling it out in the BeyBlade arena. If you’re not sure what BeyBlades are, they’re like an ultra-violent and futuristic top that battles to the death. My son got into them a couple years ago, as did quite a few boys under 10 years of age. Like most toys, their popularity came and went. Kids have moved onto Legos and ultra-violent Slinkys called ‘Death Slinkys’. My son occasionally pulls the BeyBlades out and battles. Tonight him and I had a tournament. The ultimate battle for supremacy. My red BeyBlade, which my son named “Chinese Cow”, was the victor. Second place went to “Flaming Head”, another moniker given by my son that I don’t understand but I went along with anyways. It was a lot of fun, and the battle was soundtracked by none other than Boards of Canada’s Music Has The Right To Children. It’s futuristic, trip hop melancholy scored the tournament perfectly. Good time had by all….except for the LOSERS!

Mmm, I think I smell beef stew.

Btw, this vinyl sounds amazing. I can’t begin to explain how happy having BoC on vinyl makes me. Geodaddi is next and I’ll have all their LPs. Sure, there’s some EPs out there that will be released as well, but the three LPs are what have been on the priority list for years. I’m hearing so much more on these albums that just skimmed the surface before. I have my soundtrack for the month right here. Great way to spend an overcast day. Listening to BoC and battling BeyBlades with my son. A great Thursday, indeed.


5 Replies to “Music Has The Right To BeyBlades”

  1. WTF! Kids these days (and their parents) get all the cool stuff. I remember when I had to make do with a twig and a pine cone that weren’t even from the same tree. I won’t tell you about my commute to school except these words: uphill, snow, bears.


  2. A death slinky? Must. have. That’s what’s missing in my life.
    And kids at home… Where the hell are my Pampers? (Ewwwwww… I don’t think I like joking about wearing diapers.)


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