Days of Chimps and Roses

I never read comic books growing up. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in superheroes, it was just that I prefered getting my caped crusader fix via afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons. I used my imagination via action figures and created my own world, as opposed to following the classic storylines of Stan Lee, Jack […]

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At The Movies

The first movie I ever saw in North Pointe Cinemas was Mars Attacks! in December of 1996. It was also opening night of North Pointe Cinemas, which was a 6-screen theater. Prior to that, we’d had the Lake Theater in downtown Warsaw, as well as the two-screen Center Cinema. The Lake Theater and Center Cinema […]

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Oh, Baby

You know, I hear people talk about when their kids were babies and how much they miss those times. How quickly they grow from when they were rocked and swaddled and laid down for bed in a crib to being lousy teens that don’t pick up after themselves or don’t understand the value of a […]

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Memo To My Son

What have you done to the mirror? What have you done to the floor? Can’t I go nowhere without you? Can’t I leave you alone any more? Can’t I leave you alone any more? One year ago yesterday on March 1st I drove my wife along snow-covered county roads to what would be her final […]

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I Don’t Feel Tardy

As quickly as summer break blew in, it’s just as quickly ending. Yes, we are in the midst of first day of school eve. With the oldest two hours south at her new school(she’s been there since August 3rd), my two youngest have picked out their clothes, brushed their teeth, and are making the fateful […]

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She’s Leaving Home

Growing up I never liked camp. The thought of it gave me anxiety. For me, I much preferred the comforts of home; the smells that emanated from my mom’s kitchen, the confines of my small but neat bedroom, the cynically pointed yet painfully honest comments that came from my dad after work, and just the […]

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Song And Dance, Man

So last night we took a little break from the normal evening shuffle and headed into my son’s elementary school for the school musical. Now if you’re someone of my¬†age bracket(older than 41, but younger than 43), you might remember the elementary school musicals like I do, which is to say they were sort of […]

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Music Has The Right To BeyBlades

It’s a pretty brisk, rainy, gray day here in Midwest, USA. Most folks would poo poo about that, “Whaah! It’s rainy and cold. Boo hoo hoo!” Well guess what sad eyes, go change your diaper and get out of my general space. This is October in northern Indiana. If you don’t like it, go move […]

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