Mr. Pooch McGooch Approves…

gatewaySaturday I’d heard a rumor from my good friend and Cambodia Highball bandmate Shane Page that the downtown antique store was having a huge vinyl sidewalk sale. Everything out on the sidewalk was only .50, then from 4 to 5pm everything was .10. Well we practiced until 3:30pm, so that took me out of the running for whatever good stuff was going to be .50(which come on, good stuff for .50? This wasn’t a library sale or the local NPR radio station getting rid of stuff). My son and I headed in there around 4:30pm and as I’d expected it was slim pickens. No, I meant Slim Pickens Sings The Cole Porter Songbook, and from there it went downhill. Lots and lots of s**t crammed into wood crates for the pseudo hipsters to laugh and guffaw at. Or the crusty old guy that still has that Soundesign console stereo he plays his Phil Collins and Black Oak Arkansas records on to get excited about. Even the scent coming off these records said “Burn me, please.” I knew that this was how it was going to go down, but still there was that “American Picker” inside of me saying “You’re gonna find some rusty gold, partner. Keep looking.” Well, after ten minutes I told that “Picker” to shut his face as I was ready to go sulk in my van as my son requested The Simpsons be turned back on. Well, I heard someone say that everything downstairs in the “vinyl room” was buy one get one free, so off I went for more disappointment. Once I got down there I realized what this guy was doing. He was getting rid of all the worthless crap so he can make a somewhat reputable vinyl room. He’s even got new stuff in there now, which was neither impressive nor was it completely pathetic. He’s a guy who sees a niche and is trying to fill it, along with the antique junk niche that is rather big around these parts. Anyways, I found some decent stuff down there, but nothing that blew me away. Then, under “A”, I found John Abercombie. In particular the Gateway album with John Ambercrombie, Dave Holland, and Jack Dejohnette. It’s an early jazz fusion album from 1975 that I absolutely loved when I heard it on internet radio a few years back. I didn’t think I’d ever find a copy of it on vinyl, especially in a antique store basement in downtown Nowheresville. I was excited. I also found Adrian Belew’s Twang Bar King, which was in great shape as well. I found my..”Dad, do they have a bathroom”, my son asks as he’s attempting to hold back an accident by grabbing his crotch. “Of course they don’t have a bathroom”, I thought to myself. Maybe we could use that antique spittoon over there in the corner. No, damn. I thought I’d have time to pay for these records in my hands, then we could find a bathroom. No. He had the look of pain and angst on his face, doing the “I gotta pee” shuffle. So I put the records back and we high-tailed it for a Speedway where I spent $1.45 on one candy bar so he could use the bathroom. So as not to go home empty-handed(the antique place closed at 5pm, we left there at 4:50pm), we headed to see our pal at Chimps Comix for a half off Wolverine hardcover book. My son had an empty bladder, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and some Saturday evening reading. All was not lost at least.

Today I went back to the Antique Shop after work and with $11 in my pants pocket I walked downstairs into the vinyl room and snagged that Gateway album(Adrian Belew will have to be another day). It sounds fantastic! Like it’s never been played in its 38 years of existence.

Mr. Pooch McGooch, aka Otto our Miniature Schnauzer, approved with hoots, howls, and I think even some air guitar.

Rock on, McGooch. Rock on.

photo (8)
Photo by my daughter awesome 10 year old daughter

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