Outsider Art

DSC03718So it’s taken me years.  It’s taken me many years before I’d consider myself an artist. I don’t know why, really.  It’s just one of those things that I’d look at and think it’s just something I like to do in-between working a real job and paying bills and taking care of my family.  It’s something to pass the time. Well, I’ve finally said the hell with it.  I’m an artist.  I create music.  I write.  I have a unique perspective on the world.  I like to dig deep and analyze situations.  I ponder big questions and am not satisfied with easy answers.

Hmm, I guess I’m a pain in the ass as well as being an artist.

I was downstairs in my studio today re-arranging and re-configuring.  Trying to set up an area that is conducive to creation.  In doing so, I decided I wanted some artwork to go on the walls around the desk I call home when I’m writing for this page, or for publications.  And also when I’m in the thick of it with a song and am mixing and mastering.  Well, what I discovered is that sure, I write songs.  I put words together and string sentences that may or may not expound on things that are deeper than “life is good, man.”  But those drawings on the wall that look down on me now?  Those are the real deal.  Those are expressions of life through the eyes, ears, mind, and heart of a child.  My child, to be exact.  Well, my children. As much as it is a pain in the butt to find a spot to store all the artwork my kids have made over the years, I could never find it in me to toss their creations.  So I stuffed them in my dresser and kept them there, safe and protected under linens and concert t-shirts.  Today, as I was creating my new “artist’s dojo”, I felt compelled to surround my desk with the artwork my three kids have made over the years.  Some were things they made at school, while quite a bit of it is stuff they’ve made here at home.  Not out of the need to finish an art project, but out of the desire to create.  The need found in their gut.  The urge to make something out of nothing.  Sorta like what I do every time I come down here and turn on an amp, or pick up my acoustic guitar, or sit behind the drums.  I start out with absolutely nothing, other than a spark in my head or heart that tells me to make something.

These funny, sentimental, and colorful pictures surround me.  These are my kids imaginations running wild on paper.  These are their greatest creations. And my kids are my greatest creations.


7 Replies to “Outsider Art”

  1. Wow this was very insightful. I don’t know why you took that long to consider yourself an artist – having listened to your stuff – I wouldn’t doubt that for one second. By the way, what is that white device on your desk with the mixing board on it?


    1. Thanks. I appreciate that. I think it’s just that I can be rather stubborn. It’s a family trait.

      As far as the device on my desk, that’s the brains of the operation. That’s my Korg D-1600. I still use a standalone 16 track digital recorder. I only do mastering and sequencing on a pc.

      I’m old school…and like I said, stubborn.


  2. In the artist dojo, do you kick ass and sign your name?

    I love that name for your space and the way you’ve decided to include your kids’ art. Beats the hell out of a magic toilet. … I should probably flush that.


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