The Buried Life


Finally got my hands on this excellent follow-up to Medicine’s debut ‘Shot Forth Self Living’.

‘The Buried Life’ is a smorgasbord of noisy pop, teeth-rattling guitar squall, and Jesus and Mary Chain-like aural shenanigans. I honestly don’t get why they weren’t any bigger than they were. Hell, other than knowing their song on ‘The Crow’ soundtrack, I was clueless regarding them. These albums are incredible, and their new reunion record ‘To The Happy Few’ is no different.

I hear shoegaze mentioned when people speak of Medicine, and yeah it’s there I guess. But if I had to compare them to another band, I’d say they’re more of a noisier, harsher Olivia Tremor Control. Lots if psychedelic tendencies with experimental recordings and sounds. Of course, that would mean OTC sounds like Medicine as Medicine was out a few years before that Elephant 6 crew. But hey, what’s the difference? I found the correlation so we’ll leave it at that.

If you’re not familiar with Medicine, you should get acquainted.

6 thoughts on “The Buried Life

  1. You said J&MC … I’m surprised I didn’t immediately drop by. That’s like my Bat Signal! Obviously, I have to invite Medicine into my life, at least for a trial run if not permanent residence.


      1. I see where you got the J&MC thing, but … damn … this has a lot more range, dynamic and musical, than the Reid brothers ever had. From jazzy piano to what has to be woodshop equipment.J&MC were all metal shop and heroin surf music. This is more.


      2. It definitely is more. They’ve got the Reid’s penchant for buzz saw guitar, but really Medicine goes all over the place. If you’re interested, I could hook you up. Both albums are great. Plus, check out their track on The Crow soundtrack. They get some Cocteau Twins help.


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