Vacation in the Land of Corn

Vacation home I'll be staying in this week.
Vacation home I’ll be staying in this week.

Yes, you read that right folks.  Jhubner73 is on vacation.  No more clocking in, driving fork lifts, answering doors, listening to pig-faced rats tell me what to do on a daily basis.  No sir.  I’m free.  Free at last to sleep in.  Free at last to walk around in my boxers till 11am.  Free at last to consider coffee a meal.  Free at last to stay up till midnight on a Tuesday night and watch Blade Runner for the 32nd time.  Free…free….free….until next Monday when I return to the pig-faced supervisors, fork lifts slowly leaking LP gas, and strange folk ringing my door bell every ten minutes.  But next Monday is a whole week away.  Right now, the fridge has PBR, Miles Davis is spinning on the turntable, and the kids are chillin’ doing their thing.  Life is good.

We hit the comic book store, the library, and the local record/head shop and all three of us in the car made out pretty well.  Two vintage X-Men action figures, an Adventure Time graphic novel, a few library games, a 180 gram pressing of Round About Midnight, a Flash(superhero, not Ray Stevens)button and one mood ring later we’re home and enjoying the fruits of our(my) labor.  It’s good to be king(of my own little castle, anyways).

I’ve been looking forward to this time off for about two months now.  Ever since all the weirdness we’ve been dealing with at work began and I couldn’t wait to be out of there.  The weirdness has subsided, but my desire to not be there hasn’t.  It’s good to have writing and music and family and Netflix to take the pain away.  All right, not really pain.  But you know what I mean.  Don’t we all deal with that urge to not be at our work?  I mean, unless your work is beer taste tester, or sun lotion dispenser for supermodels, or something like that.  For me, this is my week to recharge the old batteries.  Get re-motivated for the next six months.  We aren’t doing anything too crazy this week.  This isn’t a “pack your bags” sort of vacation.  This is a “I have no plans and that’s okay” sort of vacation. The kids and I plan on hitting some places in the big city of Fort Wayne on Wednesday(Shooting Star Records, Hyde Brothers Booksellers, Half Price Books), and the wife and I will be hitting our favorite local Mexican restaurant for a burrito I hear is fantastico(yep, I’m fluent in horrible Spanish imitations).  We’ll also be having a garage sale this week(Friday and Saturday, if you feel like coming by).  My parents even invited us over for a cookout on the fourth.  Hell, this is gearing up to be a humdinger of a vacation!

Fear not my friends, for I intend to be hear everyday posting and telling you all about this time off.  I hear there may even be a new Cambodia Highball track being shared very, very soon.  This new song is called “Opened Veins”.  That’s all I’ll say.  Oh, and it’s FANTASTIC!  But that’s all I got on that.

Last year at this time the family and I were returning from four days in Nashville, Indiana in beautiful Brown County.  We rented a cabin and chilled in Indianapolis, Bloomington, downtown Nashville, and a super cool hot tub that sat outside in the beautiful(and extremely hot) forests of Nashville, Indiana.  It was the best vacation I’ve ever had, and I hope to do it again next summer.  For this vacation, I’m gonna chill at the homestead.  And that’s all right with me.

12 Replies to “Vacation in the Land of Corn”

  1. Family + free time = fishing? Maybe?

    (You thinking about how much fun you had the lake as a kid is still on my mind. In fact, I went fishing after you mentioned wanting to go fishing because that made me want to go fishing. Didn’t catch any keepers but I took a photo that I thought you’d get a kick out of and I’ll post next week.)

    Whatever you do, enjoy!


    1. You went fishing? That’s great! My zen-like outlook on fishing is that it’s never the amount or the size of the fish you haul in, but the act itself. The solitude of you on a lake in a boat, or even off a pier, is just as therapeutic as pulling in a 15 in bass or catfish. Or maybe that comes from the fact that I never caught anything more than a little bluegill. Either way, glad you got to cast out.

      We didn’t fish on the lake per say, but the kids and I had a hell of a haul yesterday at some of Fort Wayne’s finest independent record shops and bookstores. It was a good day. And it’s been a great week off. Thanks for asking!

      Btw, can’t wait to see the photo!


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