In My Room

More than wealth, success, and a general sense of being important in some capacity, growing up the only thing I ever truly desired was a place to call my own. More important than going out with friends or going to the mall was having a space in this world that I felt safe. A corner […]

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So, back in the day when Times Square was still a sewer and littered with junkies and prostitutes and X-rated theaters lined the street there used to be this place you could visit called a head shop. Now, this wasn’t something just Times Square had. No, I was merely using that as an example of […]

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Vacation in the Land of Corn

Yes, you read that right folks.  Jhubner73 is on vacation.  No more clocking in, driving fork lifts, answering doors, listening to pig-faced rats tell me what to do on a daily basis.  No sir.  I’m free.  Free at last to sleep in.  Free at last to walk around in my boxers till 11am.  Free at […]

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