Summertime’s Last Hurrah

In an effort to make sure our children would have a great memory of this summer break(besides mom and dad getting drunk with grandma and grandpa in a hillbilly mansion in the woods), my wife had me buy some tickets to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio at the beginning of the summer. Well, […]

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Ode To A Dog

It was the same every time I’d show up at their house.  I’d walk into the side kitchen door, beer in hand, and I’d be greeted by him.  He’d be about 7 feet away from me standing next to his kennel and food bowl.  I’d give him a smile and set the beer on the […]

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Father & Son

Tomorrow we celebrate my dad’s 67th birthday.  He’s still going to the same building he’s gone to since July of 1964, getting paid to do the same job he went through a journeymen apprenticeship to do.  He complains about it, sure.  But regardless of how lousy the folks are that he reports to, or the […]

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