Sleep’s “Leagues Beneath”

As if our 4/20 surprise wasn’t enough, Sleep have continued to put a big, dumb smile on my face into June with another track courtesy of the Adult Swim singles series. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the mammoth, and woolly, “Leagues Beneath”.

Truth be told, Sleep’s first Adult Swim single series track “The Clarity” was the first thing I ever bought from the California band. I can remember hearing the song back in 2014 and then buying up a copy of the 10 inch single as soon as it was offered up. That song showed that the band could continue to sludge through Sabbathian riffs as if hatched from eggs laid by the doom metal pioneers themselves, while still sounding modern and “of the times”, as it were. I listened to that single often that summer, and then quickly found an indica-colored copy of Dopesmoker to frighten my family with for years to come(the family wasn’t that scared of it…the boy and I used to have Beyblade battles whilst jamming out to the hour-long ode to the Weedians.)

As far as how “Leagues Beneath” sounds? Well, it’s the proto-Sleep track: trudging rhythms, churning riffage, and chanted vocals that are part grunt and Gregorian chant.

It’s classic Sleep, man.

Matt Pike lays on some serious noodling within this 16-minute chugging metal epic. Towards the end things get ethereal; doom heavy is replaced with a mellow, floating in space vibe. Somewhere between Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan” and Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”. This part gets me excited, because I’d love to hear Sleep delve into some more dreamy, spaced-out soundscapes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Weedian riffage and Vibranium-heavy tunes as much as the next guy that doesn’t get high but digs Sleep’s trip, but adding in those quieter moments would only make Pike, Cisneros, and Roeder that much more dynamic(and really, what does a stoner love more than heavy riffage? Spacey vibes. And Doritos.)

Okay, so get out there and enjoy your Friday, people. I’m continuing to work hard to bring you the quality reads. Me and my army of monkeys will keep offering up music and life musings as long as you’re reading. Hell, even if you’re not reading I’ll still be here.

TGIF, folks.

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