Some Dodos and a Porter

DSC03713Good evening everyone.  How’s everything going for you on this fine Friday night?  How’d the week go for you?  Are you still having problems with(insert co-worker’s name here)?  Is your(insert physical malady here) still acting up?  Well, let’s hope a weekend spent relaxing with(insert spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, life partner or pet name here) will make everything better.  How’s my evening going you ask?  Well, not too bad. It’s always good when it’s Friday night and I’ve got new tunes spinning and a cold brew in reaching distance.

Yesterday I got home from work to do some house cleaning(I do that now on a week night/afternoon so by Friday all I have to do is grab some groceries and I’m free and clear for some quality schlub time).  Well, not only did I find my lovely wife running behind as usual(it’s okay, it’s quite endearing), but I found a package from Polyvinyl Records, one of my favorite record labels.  They put candy in the box with your tasty vinyl.  But that’s not why they’re one of my favorites…really….hey, why do I have to explain myself to you??…

Oh, sorry.  Teen angst flashback.

DSC03712Inside said package was the new album from The Dodos called Carrier.  Let me tell you, it’s one of the most gorgeous records you’ll hear this year.  There’s so much heart and emotion on this album.  If you’re at all familiar with these two guys from California, then do yourself a favor and snag a copy of this.  They take that frenetic energy they’ve shown on all their previous albums and hone it in on these startlingly beautiful compositions.  It was written after a good friend and band member died suddenly. Meric Long is quickly becoming one of the best young songwriters working.  He’s also becoming a more focused singer and guitarist.  I’m telling you, this will easily be one of my absolute favorite albums this year.  No joke.  Recording with the Magik Magik Orchestra at John Vanderslice’s studio has helped to make this the best The Dodos have ever sounded.  I preordered, so this isn’t in record stores until this coming Tuesday.  Yay for me!  I also got the quite eye catching baby blue vinyl.  I’m on my third listen tonight and I see a fourth coming.

I stopped at my favorite Wine and Spirits establishment and picked up a 6-pk of Bell’s Porter.  For some reason, I’ve been on a Porter kick lately.  They’re not crazy strong(5.6% by vol), but they have such a strong, hoppy flavor to them.  Ice cold they’re quite refreshing.  Hell, my wife’s fruity drinks(Maragaritaville something or other) are 8%.  Now I know why she’s slumped on the couch after just one.  Anyways, this Bell’s Brewery is located in Comstock, MI.  I have no idea where Comstock is, but I imagine it’s a magical place.  Hell, just look at the guy on the bottle.  He looks like he’d be the life of the party.DSC03714

So, for all my good friends out there, be on the lookout tomorrow for a new Cambodia Highball track.  I know, it’s sorta weird releasing a new song on a Saturday.  But hey, I can do whatever I want.  I don’t report to record executives.  I don’t check Billboard(though if there’s a billboard with a monkey on it while I’m driving I always check it out).  Point is, I’m the man.  I’m the dude.  I call the shots, along with Mr. Shane Page(which by the way, he went above and beyond with this single artwork).  I think you guys and gals will dig it.  It’s like computer electro funky weirdness.  If you’ve got a subwoofer on the system you listen to music on, you better crank that mutha down.  This is a trunk rattler.  Just sayin’.  I hope to hear from all of you tomorrow.  Let me know what you think.  Speaking of Cambodia Highball, I am officially done with the mastering.  I listened to the album today in my car as I ran errands and picked up groceries.  All I can say is I’m seriously blown away.  It’s magical.  It’s strange, noisy, epic, melancholy, and at times a spaced-out freakout.  I’m very proud of what we’ve done.  And get this:  this is just volume one!  Look for a fall surprise in October.  This will be the perfect soundtrack for trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, raking leaves on a blustery Saturday afternoon, or just wanting to get freaky-deaky in your Spiderman costume.  It’s all good.  Cambodia Highball abides.

Okay, as you were.  Or as you is.  Have a great Friday night, and be on the lookout for some weirdness tomorrow.

gpa bill on halloween '85

6 Replies to “Some Dodos and a Porter”

    1. Awww, thanks. And the second I acquire a xylophone, you are an official member.

      And I have every intention of getting a xylophone. It’s been on the to-do list for a few years now. If you wear your band uniform from 19??, that would make it golden.


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