Bandcamp Friday

This coming Friday, September 4th, is another day where Bandcamp is waiving their fees so all the money you fine folks spend on the Bandcamp platform will go directly to the artists and indie labels. It’s really the perfect time to snag those albums you’ve been thinking about grabbing. I mean, anytime is a good time to buy music and support independent artists and labels, but especially when 100% of the money you spend goes right to those folks creating it.

I want to shout out to Bandcamp for doing their part to help out artists and labels during all of this. I’m not seeing Spotify, Apple, or Amazon Music doing anything like this. In fact, you had the Spotify head coming out like a real asshole saying artists need to put more content out, and sooner. Not everyone is on Bandcamp, but they should be. I feel this is a platform for artists, not conglomerates that can make a fortune on the backs of creative types. A schmuck like me can even have a Bandcamp page to sell my wares. In fact, I have 5 different Bandcamp pages for various projects. It’s beautiful thing.

So in honor of Bandcamp waiving their fees this coming Friday I will be reviewing albums this week that are available exclusively on Bandcamp. That way you the music lover can snag some amazing albums this week and have all your hard-earned shillings go right into the artists and indie labels’ wallets. The money goes to those that earned it. Not some bro who’s a wiz at marketing and knows how to exploit creative types for their own personal gain(Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, is a billionaire while musicians are figuring out how to pay their rent.)

I use Spotify. It’s a useful tool and I enjoy having a vast amount of music to listen to in one spot. I just wish the bald Swedish guy would maybe share a little more of that massive wheel of billion dollar cheese($40 Billion at last check) with the folks that allowed him to live like damn king in the first place.

Anyways, this Friday. Buy some stuff on Bandcamp. Digital downloads, limited edition vinyl, cassettes, shirts, hats, pledge pins, etc. It’s the day to do it. And tune in everyday this week for ideas of where to spend your dough. There’s some good ones coming.


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