Dream Division : WOLF Narrated by Matthew Holness

Tom McDowell has built quite a gothic library since the 2020 launch of his record label Library of the Occult. Concentrating on musical interpretations of classic horror literature, true tales of the macabre, and just a general vibe of late night tales by candlelight, McDowell has established his corner of the music-verse as the best of electronic doom and gloom.

With his latest release on LOTO, McDowell revisits the story records of our youth. WOLF is a horror tale narrated by Matthew Holness, written by John Reppion, and put to music by McDowell’s Dream Division. The result is a glorious eerie throwback to the old childhood stories on record and tape. Though I don’t think any of those old Disney albums ever sounded this creepy.

This is a juicy little tale about a blood-thirsty creature and the mother and daughter trying to stay alive. Holness has just the right tone in his voice, while Dream Division gives the proceedings a Giallo-esque vibe. I can’t think of anyone else that could lock into the frightful musical vibes of this werewolf tale as well as McDowell’s electro horror lean. Sleek electronics mix with more ethereal sounds to knock up the tale’s creepy factor ten fold.

Side one is the story and narration, while side two is the instrumentals. As haunting as side one, but now you get to really lock into the vibes Dream Division cooked up for this tale. Absolutely stunning work.

WOLF is just one of those listening experiences you have to just put on the headphones, hit play, and close your eyes for the run time. The musical tale pulls you in and wraps its teeth around your throat and doesn’t let go till the last note plays.

If you’re a fan of horror podcasts, then Dream Division’s WOLF is right up your alley. But with the added bonus of one whole side just Dream Division’s creepy handiwork. It’s a bloody good time.

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