Paul Gilbert : ‘Twas

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t need another Christmas album. I’ve got Dolly, Vince Guaraldi, and that one Beach Boys one.” But I’ve got two words for you: Paul Gilbert. Yes, the six string maestro that blew minds in the 80s while shredding in Racer X, then found mainstream success in Mr. Big has dropped an instrumental Christmas album in our stocking.

Gilbert may have seemed quiet through the 90s and beyond but he continued putting out stellar guitar albums(some instrumental, some with him singing.) He’s remained a relevant artist while sharing his guitar techniques with online guitar lessons and guitar clinics. Now he’s sharing his love for the Holiday season with ‘Twas, a 12 song collection of Christmas standards, plus two originals. This needs to be part of your Christmas tradition, right next to Dolly the Peanuts gang.

I can remember seeing Paul Gilbert at a guitar clinic at the age of 15. It was at the Music Spectrum(RIP) on State St in Fort Wayne. A packed house sat in awe as the Racer X guitarist shared tracks from the upcoming Mr. Big debut(on a 4-track.) He also played a game of “Guess That Tune” which went over smashingly. What I took away from that evening was that Gilbert was a true guitar wizard and that he’s a down to earth dude. He brings that warmth and wizardry to ‘Twas.

“Frosty The Snowman”, “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, and “Winter Wonderland” all get the Gilbert treatment here, and with a stellar back up band these songs come to life with new rock and roll energy. Paul Gilbert adds rock pizazz, jazz touches, and bluesy swagger to these standards, giving it all a fresh and exciting vibe.

Gilbert also gives us a couple original Christmas tunes, including “Every Christmas Has Love” and the mindblowing shredder “Three Strings For Christmas”.

You want to spice up Christmas Eve? You want to add some rock and roll zest to the
Christmas Day festivities? Then throw ‘Twas into the stereo and watch grandma get a little kick in her step, the Christmas ham have more flavor, and that egg nog have a little more kick than usual. Paul Gilbert is here to make the holidays a little more fun and rockin’.

10 thoughts on “Paul Gilbert : ‘Twas

  1. Great back story at seeing Gilbert when you were 15. This guy is a huge talent. Surprised some of the revolving member bands out there never tried to get Gilbert into their bands.
    Will add this to my Apple Music. Thanks for the heads up!

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    1. I think he’s pretty particular about playing. Seems content still doing Mr Big on and off while putting out his own albums. Plus, he still teaches online I believe. Check out his last full length if you haven’t. Great instrumental guitar album. Produced by John Cuniberti( Satriani producer).

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  2. I broke my own rule of not playing Christmas music before Christmas Eve. My daughter had friends over for American Thanksgiving (one of her friends is from Philadelphia) and I put on some Christmas tunes. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately I did not have this one or I would have had to crank it and blow the stuffing out of the turkey.

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