Burial Grid Drops “Crisis Apparition”

Adam Michael Kozak, aka Burial Grid, is counting down the days till his next full-length LP will drop. Shores of Quiddity is promising to be one of the artists best albums yet. That’s saying a lot given his last two releases were We’ve Come For Your Flesh and Negative Space, two incredibly heavy and engaging electronic albums.

With previous singles “Biphasic” and “4am Knows My Secrets”, Kozak has established that this album is a late night LP. An album created in the throes of insomnia, grief, and the need to tunnel out of the darkness. Despite the shaded demeanor and Gothic undertones of the Burial Grid canon, I think Kozak is more of an optimist than pessimist. Or at the least a stoic. He understands the darkness in the world, and has experienced much in his life. But despite that, the music he creates holds some light in it.

The latest single, “Crisis Apparition”, is airy in sound and feel. It may be the most sunshine Burial Grid has emanated up to this point. I hear elements of Wendy Carlos and Steve Reich in this effervescent piece of music.

Despite “crisis” being an ingredient here, I feel there’s an uplift coming from this song. Sometimes we find our better angels in times of crisis. I get that from this piece of music. Maybe I’m completely off, but interpretation is 100% right, 40% of the time.

Listen to “Crisis Apparition” below. ‘Shores of Quiddity’ will be out soon.

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