Outpost 31 Studios Presents: Quarantine Cuts Volume 1

Oklahoma-based record label Outpost 31 Studios presents to you, the listener, Quarantine Cuts Volume 1. What is this “Quarantine Cuts” you ask? It’s an 11-track collection of songs bringing together artists from all over the states, as well as Europe. A coming-together of vibes and sonic delights that range from jagged rock to ethereal tones made to drop you in a free-floating state of mind.

What began as an idea between co-label head Kyle Mayfield and OKC musician Cameron Morris to release shelved tracks from local OKC artists as sort of a quarantine b-sides comp grew and developed into a sort of celebration of the artist in dire times. The album consists of brand new songs, b-sides, songs from the vault, and deep cuts that were completed during quarantine. The results are a varied selection of tracks that pull forth different moods, vibes, and emotional depth. Songs that bring positivity in the face of the unknown. As the great Mike Muir once said, “You. Can’t. Bring. Me. Down.”

Over the 11-tracks on Quarantine Cuts Volume 1 there’s a varied sonic landscape. From album opener “Q1” by High Dash Water Space Mark(featuring Justin Sanetra) with its distorted vocals and early 90s alternative rock vibes that seem to lock into Breeders territory, to Raspberry Rooms’ “Title” and its melancholy pop sweep that is reminiscent of XTC, this comp seems to cover all the territory. I covered (no title)’s “Moonhouse” last month, which displays a dreamy escapism that sounds like Damien Jurado fronting Grandaddy. This is music magic of the highest order.

“Amygdilla”, which features Softaware, Kim Snow, and Larry Chin locks into more early 90s dream pop with touches of Wild Nothing and Liz Phair. Artists like Dolores, KillKill, Larry Chin, and The Peak Arrow Revelation color this album with rich hues and experimental glee. There’s even a cover of Looking Glass’ “Brandy” at the end of this set by Alanis Moranis, aka Kyle Mayfield and Brujo bassist Wes Cochran. It’s a fine cover, what a good cover it turned out to be.

Quarantine Cuts Volume 1 is a wonderful musical trip to take, and worth your time to explore. And Quarantine Cuts Volume 2 is just around the corner.

‘Quarantine Cuts Volume ‘ is out now via Outpost 31 Studios. Grab it here.

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