Outpost 31 Studios Presents : Quarantine Cuts Vol. 1; Listen To First Single “Moonhouse”

There’s a special little place located in OKC that may be a physical spot, or maybe just a tattered spot in our minds we go to reflect called Oupost 31 Studios. It’s a spot where you can find ethereal music always playing just under your thoughts and imagination. Music that feels as if it escaped a dream and now exists among the waking masses, sharing its message of otherwordly love and sometimes its anxiety and existential dread.

Outpost 31 Studios is the home to artists like Treebones, Dr. West and the Thing, Cruxible, Larry Chin, and Harglow. Electronic music for the dystopian future we all deserve. Downtempo, Gothic, psychedelic, and dream-like are words I’d use to describe the musical world curated by Outpost 31. But that’s just what I’m hearing.

On July 16th Outpost 31 Studios will be releasing a compilation titled Quarantine Cuts : Vol. 1. According to co-label head Kyle Mayfield, “It started as an idea being tossed between a good friend of mine, Cameron Morris(OKC musician) and myself about pulling shelved songs from local acts and putting together some sort of quarantine B-sides compilation. And as they do each time i put together a compilation, it evolves and spirals out of my hands into the hands of so many talented and loving people and before i knew it this very cool, local, seemingly easily put together idea was now global, included new musicians, was not just shelved songs but now we were all creating from scratch and sharing session after session, track after track, and BOOM all of the sudden this thing was so big we had to cut it into two records and reevaluate what it was suppose to be.

This is a truly special compilation. It started as a means to creative fulfillment in uncertain times, but has morphed into a celebration of art and music. It’s the first rays of sunlight after a long and treacherous storm. “That’s when it turned into its own creature. Morphing and taking shape on its own.  Becoming this experience.. it took reflection to our current situation.  It showed us that even when the world is falling apart, and all seems loss, if we stick together and share love we can overcome any fucked up situation this wild world is willing to throw our way“, said Mayfield.

First single “Moonhouse” by folk band (no title) feels like an ether-soaked daydream. A trip-hop tinged beat rises from gauzy depths as guitar, synth, and a voice breaks thru the clouds. Bright psychedelia permeates the 4 1/2 minute track, bringing together both early 80s electronica, indie rock sensibilities, and a whispered, bedroom pop intimacy. There’s also a sense of hope here; as if written in the darkness in order to pull some light into an otherwise shaded world.

Check out the amazing album art from Callie Fuller above, and listen to the gorgeous and sublime first single “Moonhouse” by (no title) below. ‘Quarantine Cuts : Vol. 1’ drops July 16th, with ‘Vol. 2’ to follow shortly afterwards. Keep up with Outpost 31 Studios here.

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