Daniel Davies Readies New EP ‘Spies’, Out May 28th; Listen To Title Track

Daniel Davies has had quite the prolific past few years. Starting in 2015 with a whirlwind of releases with John Carpenter, collaborating with the Master Of Horror both in the studio and on the road. Then releasing two solo LPs(Events Score and Signals) and one film score(Soeurs De Glisse), as well as working on the score for David Gordon Green’s Halloween(he’s working on the sequels as well) with John and Cody Carpenter. Davies seems to be constantly writing and recording, never sitting on his laurels.

On May 28th Daniel Davies releases his latest album, an EP called Spies, on Sacred Bones Records. Once again he collaborates with visual artist Jesse Draxler for the mind-bending artwork, which gives me serious Diabolique vibes. With two singles now released, Spies sounds more cinematic than what’s come before. There’s more of a chaotic feel to the work, a sort of inherent anxiety that permeates the work. Given that Davies composed and recorded Spies in the winter of 2020, well into a year of lockdown during the pandemic, it’s no wonder that the music is as tense as it is.

“Spies” in-particular has a sort of claustrophobic feel, with his usual synth/guitar work being bolstered by a string section of violin, cello, viola, and double bass. There’s almost a Bernard Herrmann vibe with this track. “Beasts of L.A.” is a little more of a “rock” track, heavy on the rhythm and showcasing Davies’ unique guitar work.

I’ve been a fan of Daniel Davies ever since I heard his amazing guitar work on the Lost Scenes albums with Carpenter. He’s proven to be even more far-reaching and expansive as a composer on his solo releases, building upon the solo synth/electronic work into more conceptual and mood pieces. He’s proven to have his own very unique voice, and one I look forward to hearing every time he releases something new. Spies is yet another work to get excited about.

Watch the visualizer video for “Spies” below. Preorder ‘Spies’ via Sacred Bones here. It drops tomorrow, May 28th.

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