Metavari : Soft Continuum

This record is for Ty Brinneman. “Despite distance and season.” First and foremost, this new re-imagining of Metavari’s 2009 debut Be One of Us and Hear No Noise is a tribute to original band member Ty Brinneman. Bassist Ty Brinneman was diagnosed with a very rare but extremely dangerous form of cancer called pleural mesothelioma […]

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“An Exercise In Rediscovery” : Metavari Reimagines Debut Album As ‘Soft Continuum’

Before Metavari became a one man operation, the Midwest band was a full-on post-rock outfit that consisted of five members. In 2009 the band released their debut Be One of Us and Hear No Noise, played SXSW, and shared the stage with bands as diverse as The Appleseed Cast, Maserati, This Will Destroy You, Tortoise, […]

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Metavari : Absurda

Nate Utesch continues to evolve and move the sound of Metavari forward into new territory. Starting back in 2008 as a post-rock band with electronic flourishes strewn throughout, the band is now just Utesch working alone both with software, and increasingly hardware. He built cavernous worlds of electrical delights on records like Moonless and Symmetri, […]

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Metavari : Symmetri

Nate Utesch has been the leader and sole constant in the electronic band Metavari since its inception back in 2008. He’s cultivated the sound and aesthetic from the sprawling vastness of post-rock to a much tighter electronic feel quite seamlessly. If you listen to early Metavari, say something like Be One of Us and Hear […]

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Metavari’s Moonless Journey

by E.A. Poorman Metavari are a group of friends and Fort Wayne, Indiana natives that make the kind of music you can simply get lost in. It has a dream-like quality to it that allows you to let the outside world disappear for a little while as you become enveloped in their hazy electric piano, […]

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