New Frontiers ‘(of)Inner Dimensions’ Out Today; Watch Video for “Emergent Evolution”

Well it seems we are on somewhat of an upswing this week. A new dawn has arrived in America, and whether you’re happy or disappointed, I feel we can safely say that we’re better off than what we were a week ago. Having said that, I feel it’s time to take a few moments and breathe in deep, soak in some fresh oxygen, and let things slow down a bit. What better way to do that than listen to some New Frontiers?

(of) Inner Dimensions, the debut full-length by ambient/new age duo New Frontiers, is officially out and available via the band’s Bandcamp page. The duo, which consists of Andrew Crawshaw and Justin Kleine(also of synth/drum trio SOMAFREE INSTITUTE) have locked into some seriously hazy and meditative vibes on this record. I’ve been singing this band’s praises since I first heard their non-album singles back in the fall. With this full-length, they go head first into private press synth, Innovative Communications releases, and the sound worlds of cats like Rudiger Lorenz, Pauline Anna Strom and Rolf Trostel to name a few. It’s music to drop into. You could just as easily drop out in a sensory deprivation tank as you could tend to your garden with this record. Heady and easy, at the same time.

With the release of the album comes the premiere of the far out video for “Emergent Evolution”. Directed by Portable Shrines(Aubrey Nehring), the video is a trippy ode to early 80s digital effects and VHS-era visual. I’m reminded of coming across some strange program on PBS late at night and being lulled into a state of calm just before bed. Or right before I’d switch it to some schlocky horror film on cable access. The visuals lock into the calm, hypnotic sound world of New Frontiers perfectly.

So take a breath, soak in this reprieve from the insanity, and give “Emergent Evolution” a look below. Then soak your brain in the calm vibes of New Frontiers’ (of) Inner Dimensions today. Your head and heart will thank you.

Buy ‘(of) Inner Dimensions’ here

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