Covid-19 Is Very F*&^#@g Real

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I’m sitting in my basement studio typing on a Saturday afternoon, looking back on nearly two weeks straight up sickness. The first week I was under the impression that I had a sinus infection. Woke up in the middle of the night Sunday, November 8th with chills and body aches. I had a low grade fever. By morning the fever was nearly gone but my head was congested and I had a sinus headache. I felt beat up and exhausted with the occasional ping of a back ache.

I stayed home from work the next day to see if the fever would persist and it did not. So for the rest of the week I’d go to work, keep my distance from everyone and do my job(masked and socially distanced.) By Friday my head was still congested but I didn’t feel terrible. But also by then my wife and son both were exhibiting symptoms(sore throat, fever, headache, exhaustion, head congestion.) We spent all of last weekend literally on the couch binge-watching movies and shows. It was definitely what we needed. On Sunday our daughter said she couldn’t smell anything. Neither could my wife.

Monday we all went and got tested for Covid-19. Friday morning our results were texted to each of us via the State Health Dept. We all tested positive for Covid.

It’s not like I didn’t believe in the severity of Covid-19 before, or that I wasn’t smart about masking up and social distancing. We all were, and continue to be. But until I got that positive result I just didn’t think I’d ever get it. I’m safe, I’m (somewhat) healthy, and I didn’t think I was ever around someone that had it. Yes, very naive to think, but I was at work for four days prior to knowing I was sick thinking I was just suffering from a sinus infection.

But I can say now that for the last almost two weeks I’ve been in a pretty sorry state; tired, head hurting, body aching, sinuses impacted, and that annoying post-nasal drip that turns into a scratchy cough. It’s been a solid two weeks of it, and from the sound of it I’ve been pretty damn lucky. No hospitalization, no sense that I was descending into some kind of health emergency, and I’ve been hidden away for the last week so as not to spread this. My employer has allowed me the opportunity to stay home and continue to get paid so I can be over this completely before clocking back in. Many of my fellow Americans don’t have that luxury, which is probably why we’re in the sorry state of epic cases in the country.

So heading out of this Covid tunnel with a clearer head and an immense gratitude for the reasonably mild symptoms I and my family endured, I want to bestow some advice to all reading this. If you start feeling bad, regardless of the severity, get tested. Low grade fever? Body aches? Cough? Persistent headache? Runny nose? Sore throat? Nausea? Go get tested. The one regret I have is that I didn’t get tested as soon as this started. Did I get my family sick? Possibly. Did they get me sick? Maybe. Did that trip to the mechanic shop to pick up my van days before this all started get me sick? Could be.

Honesty, it doesn’t matter at this point where I got it. Once you have it it is your responsibility to stop the spread. I compromised others for four days. I’ll have to live with that. You don’t have to, though. As soon as you feel like shit go get checked out. Isolate, quarantine, renew those streaming subscriptions and root into the couch for a few days.

Now here’s the other bit of advice I want to lay on you, cancel those family gatherings for Thanksgiving. I know, I know, but grandma is old and maybe this is her last one. Well, if you go and share this virus with her it will more than likely be her last one. You see, there’s this thing called a telephone. You have one. It’s that pocket computer you order Door Dash from. You can call grandma and instead of her making you your favorite pie you can just have a nice long conversation with her. Tell her about school, work, the kids, and maybe even ask her some questions about her life. Or if she’s the one insisting on a physical covid Turkey Day party then explain to her that you love her enough not to kill her unknowingly. It’s that simple.

No amount of candied yams, stuffing, deviled eggs, and godawful political arguments around the dining room table are worth the life of family members. Yes, even the ones that say this Covid isn’t any worse than the flu. The armchair experts and Youtube conspiracy theorists and Trump-worshipping MAGA zombies that defy health mandates and still walk among us with naked faces and shit-eating grins. I don’t want anyone dying from this, no matter how annoying they are. They still have family members that love them but just cant get through to them.

Those folks may say this isn’t any worse that the flu, but I’m here to tell you it is. I know. Firsthand. Covid-19 is very real, and very deadly. So wear a mask, social distance in public, pray at home with just you and God and not the whole congregation, and stay the hell home this Thanksgiving. Eat some turkey, but in isolation.

Love to all. Stay healthy.

Editor’s Note: Yes, I know it’s not just Trump supporters that don’t believe. In our county alone most of the positive cases are people in their mid-to-late 20s going out to bars and drinking. I’m sure a good portion didn’t cast a vote for Trump. Or for anyone, more than likely. So stupidity knows no political faction or age bracket. 


22 thoughts on “Covid-19 Is Very F*&^#@g Real

    1. Thanks Mike.

      Up until that text I was certain it’d be negative, despite deep down thinking otherwise. Like you said, I’m cautious. But I’m also going to the store every week for groceries, dealing with strangers at work, and I have two kids in public school. It’s like I’ve been playing Covid Russian Roulette since March.

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  1. Real sorry to read this, JH. Hope the recovery continues until full service is resumed.
    I’m also sorry to say that the USA, so long a beacon of progress (not all of it good, of course), has become a country where people shake their heads in disbelief. On the positive side, I’m doing quite well helping people scope homes to rent or buy in Melbourne.

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  2. As a house hold who have looked death in the eye more than once this last six months I agree with every word of this. Glad you made it through. Sometimes every precaution is is still not enough. It’s an evil fucker of a virus and we should not stop fighting and taking it seriously until it is eradicated.

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  3. So sorry that you guys are having to deal with this… But super glad that it’s not too terribly bad! Sending you all warm, chicken soup healing, socially distanced hugs!

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  4. Man you nailed it. This post is Important. I’m so sorry to hear you got it, and that your family has been under the weather, but you’ve got your thoughts about it right. Stay safe. Stay home. Be responsible. Best to everyone there!!!

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    1. As someone who’s getting over this, I would like to say thanks to your wife for doing what she does. On the front line every day with this cannot be an easy thing. Life for an ICU nurse without a pandemic is hard. So please tell her she is appreciated.

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  5. So sorry to hear that your family got COVID, but I’m glad that you’re getting over it. My girlfriend and I have literally sequestered ourselves in our apartment for almost 10 months, with only trips to the mailbox and the occasional trip to the grocery store. We get all of our groceries ordered through Amazon, and even wiped down every single item for several months. I know a few people from my hometown in Peoria, IL who have gotten it, and continue to see more and more people who I’m acquainted with that come down with it. We have to all take care of one another by wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance of 6-8 ft. These front-line workers are our heroes, and they deserve all the praise in the world for continuing to nurture and care for COVID patients.

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