Get Lost In New Frontiers’ Serene “Cluster” Video; EP Drops 9/4

“Post Energetic Music for the Positive Nihilism Movement”

The 60s were such a tumultuous time that the 70s was a decade filled with pseudo gurus and self-help hippies trying to start their own enlightenment movements. Compounds and dilapidated halls where the lost and disenfranchised could seemingly become part of a flock of like-minded and spiritually wounded flower children. Where in the 60s they couldn’t conquer the military complex and greed with love and sit-ins, maybe they could fix their own demons with meditation, mantras, and the occasional orgy.

New Frontiers is a new two-man heavy synth collaboration between Andrew Crawshaw and Justin Kleine. Crawshaw and Kleine have locked themselves in the studio to create music influenced by The Positive Nihilism Movement, a mysterious self-help movement that flourished in the Pacific Northwest in the mid-70s. Much like Osho and his Rajneeshpuram community, The Positive Nihilism Movement made their home in Oregon. While pamphlets, flyers, and even rare reel-to-reel recordings of Yogi Mashmaregini were discovered in a Pacific Northwestern lock box in the 1980s, the compound where PNM made their home in the Western Cascades was never discovered. And no known members have ever come forward to talk about their time in the PNM.

Crawshaw and Kleine, while working together in SOMAFREE INSTITUTE, came across some MP3 files of Mashmaregini(or Mashma) speaking at one of the many PNM “gathering of the essence” sit-ins. It inspired the two musicians enough to get together and write some seriously vibe-y and meditative music based on the group’s ideas. The results are “Cluster” and the b-side “Pulsar” which will be released on 9/4 as a limited edition cassette EP(with artwork by the amazing Telepath Design.)

You get the feeling of space and time expanding as you listen to “Cluster”. There’s a spaciousness to this heavy synth duo’s work that truly feels enlightening. Hints of Sinoia Caves, Tangerine Dream, and Klaus Schulze resonate in this track, but with more emphasis on the inner light, positivity, and finding that inner peace we’re all after. “Pulsar” continues those resonating and healing vibes on side b. I’m reminded of cats like German pharmacist and synthesist Rudiger Lorenz and JD Emmanuel’s immense 1982 electronic trance album Wizards.

There’s a truly calming effect with these two tracks, which promote a sort of “sonic healing” to occur as the songs roll on.

The Positive Nihilism Movement worked in mysterious ways, and since no evidence of their existence can be found all but for a few pamphlets and MP3s, nobody knows if they ever truly disbanded. The words of Yogi Mashmaregini resonated enough to inspire two musicians to write something in their honor, so maybe The Positive Nihilism Movement is still out there, working to help us find an inner peace, by any means necessary.

New Frontiers is “seeking an awakened consciousness through a sonic journey to our inner dimensions”. All New Frontiers material has been manifested through the vessels of APC and JTK. 

New Frontiers “Cluster” cassettes single will be available tomorrow, 9/4, at New Frontiers’ Bandcamp page. Watch the premiere of New Frontiers’ “Cluster” video below, and get lost in the “Post Energetic Music for the Positive Nihilism Movement”. 

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