Dorothys Fortress Welcomes You To ‘Theme From Phase IV’

Burning Witches Records is proud to present the return of the mysterious Dorothys Fortress. The return? Where were they to begin with? Well, nobody really knows except Dorothys Fortress and producer Django the Bastard. This sleazy slab of 7 inch wax was originally released over a decade ago(and rumors are that it was played by the Chemical Brothers as a super disco weapon.) But despite the rumors, hints, and bald-face lies(no, Django the Bastard never made Richard Ashcroft cry in a London pub. It was in Leicester), Dorothys Fortress have left the confines of their super secret studio in El Santoro, Los Angeles, in order to get us all moving and grooving in these lockdown times.

So what do you get here? You get three hot n’ bothered super sleaze disco tracks, laser-guided to shake yer booty till the neighbors have no choice but to call the cops or join in. Title track “Theme From Phase IV” starts out like a dystopian, chromed-out “Heart of Glass”, but quickly dirties up into a nasty dance floor banger. Animotion in a kevlar vest…New Order in a knife fight. “Hellcat” goes full early 80s late night dance floor groove. Sweaty, propulsive, and zero shame. “Coup de Ville” doesn’t let up, adding touches of early hip hop, break culture, and an air of synth pop for good measure. Probably the most “pop” of all three tracks, but in now way soft. It’s pop music that will make you blush.

What are you waiting for? Dorothys Fortress awaits you. Burning Witches Records has the goods on sick, filthy pink vinyl. Or if that’s too much for you to handle there’s digital as well. But don’t wait on this. Much like Dorothys Fortress, the vinyl will disappear quick. Back to El Santora, where all the good stuff goes.

Buy Dorothys Fortress’ ‘Theme From Phase IV’ now over at Burning Witches Records.¬†

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