Zombi Unleash “Earthscraper”; Watch Video

Zombi have released another new single from their upcoming new long player 2020. This time it’s the riff monster “Earthscraper”, which is track two from the album. Where “Breakthrough & Conquer” sounded like Moore and Paterra going full 80s action sequence, “Earthscaper” switches gears entirely. It’s a slow-churning, methodical grind of drums, bass, synth, and guitar. It’s like future-grunge. Or deep space doom.

If there’s one word I’d never think of when describing the electro/prog duo Zombi, it would be dirge. There’s a kinetic quality to their sound. A constant swirl of synth/drum/bass that is both visceral yet intellectual. The drum and bass lock in together, creating a molten foundation where synths can paint a dystopian vision that brings to mind deep space epics, sci-fi wonder, and classic 70s horror vibes. Plus, Steve Moore and AE Paterra absolutely rock.

But with their newest single “Earthscraper” Zombi create a slow motion riff that chugs more than flows. A mudslide of synth, bass, and guitar all flow down some elevated dystopian landscape, led by the crushing groove laid down by Paterra. This is the most metal I think I’ve ever heard Zombi. Of course there’s some ethereal synth touches thrown in, giving us a bird’s eye view of the sonic destruction bestowed upon us by these Pittsburgh natives. This is monumentally heavy and sort of a new side to Zombi.

2020 is really gearing up to be Zombi’s great masterpiece. That’s saying a lot, given such classics as Spirit Animal, Surface to Air, and Shape Shift. But the diverse sonics of these first two singles have got my spider senses tingling. I’ve got a feeling that July is going to bring us an epic slab of Zombi we haven’t seen the likes of ever. Maybe I need to get out more(don’t we all?), maybe I’m just kind of sad and lonely, but a new Zombi record is just what my shattered psyche could use right about now. And maybe someone like Joe Begos could shoot Romero’s last zombie script that he never got the chance to do and have Zombi do the score? More of a wish list thing there, but you never know.

Now sit on down, take a load off, and watch the amazing video for Zombi’s “Earthscraper” below. It’s directed by Tony Balko, friend and frequent collaborator of the band.

2020 is available in July. Preorder here. Zombi are also giving away a test pressing of 2020, raffle style. $5 gets you entered in the drawing, and you can enter as many times as you like. All proceeds go to Bukit Bail Fund and Black Visions. Check out Zombi’s Facebook page for more info. 

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