Windhand & Satan’s Satyrs Split

I’ve always thought of Windhand as doom metal for those of us that don’t live in a fog of bong smoke; or worship Satan or chase woodland creatures with homemade battle axes in our underwear at midnight. The Virginia 5-pc doom metal band carry with them all the eerie, Gothic vibes that would scare off […]

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Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein seemed to know what they were doing when they formed and created the score to the Duffer Bros Stranger Things. They captured a feeling in those synth-heavy pieces that you can’t just get from a plug-in you use in some computer-based program. These were hands-on pieces; meticulously strung together using […]

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Zombi : Shape Shift

Listening to the heavy synth band Zombi is like zoning out to the opening credits of some imaginary sci fi or horror film. As you listen to the synth strings well up and overpower the mix, and the Neil Peart-like precision of the drums you can almost picture some imaginary scene of intense space flight. […]

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Windhand : Grief’s Infernal Flower

Windhand sound like the kid brother to Sleep’s bleary-eyed, paranoid big brother. They make music that creeps and crawls slowly along. Maybe they’re stoned, or maybe they’re just cautious purveyors of doom. Their dirges of fuzz and thunderous metal would remain in the doldrums if it weren’t for singer Dorthia Cottrell. Her vocals add a […]

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Ecstatic Vision : Sonic Praise

Ecstatic Vision are a band that linger in a class of chunky, driving metal that only a few can do right without coming across as ludicrous. It’s THC-fueled space rock that falls somewhere between fuzzed-out caveman Krautrock, and a less doom-and-gloom Black Sabbath. These Philly guys are steeped in 70s progressive rock and 90s doom, […]

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