Take Flight With Future Museums and “Leaving the Vessel”

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been looking for things to just get lost in. When we’re all struggling to find a light at the end of this very long tunnel which we find ourselves feeling our way through currently, art is something of an escape pod. It’s my escape pod even when we aren’t in full lock down, quarantine mode and it always has been. From the time I could put a record on my little Fisher Price record player and drop the needle to losing myself in gatefold sleeves and old science fiction and horror paperbacks. Diving into these portals of music, film, and the written word give us this alternate reality where it’s not about how horrible it’s getting outside. It’s about soaking up creativity and emotions. Feeling something outside yourself and letting your imagination take you somewhere, with the help of talented folks of course.

One of those talented folks is Neil Lord of Future Museums.

Today we celebrate the release of the new Future Museums track, the effervescent and joyous “Leaving the Vessel”. It’s a grand display of sonic delight and melodic love courtesy of bubbly synths and musical optimism. It’s just the portal you need today.

Future Museums is the experimental music project of multi-instrumentalist and all-around most excellent soul Neil Lord. Lord is part of the Holodeck Records crew, playing in Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Single Lash, as well as touring and playing backup with other artists including Molly Burch(Captured Tracks) and Jess Williamson(Mexican Summer.) For years though, Lord has been deep-diving into experimental electronic music with his Future Museums moniker. Ambient, Komische, Berlin School, and pretty much the whole of early 70s German experimental has been used as a starting point for Future Museums music. A hefty dose of Texas “Big Sky” landscapes have helped to shape his sound as well.

With “Leaving the Vessel”(being released via Holodeck Records), Lord pushes Future Museums into the atmosphere and gives us a euphoric slice of synth-driven optimism. Bouncing notes arpeggiate into the air, turning to pure light as they ascend to the heavens. Lord shapes melodies out of the synthetic and creates an organic musical moment, weaving hope and light into a five and a half minute heavy synth track.

If you dig the likes of Michael Rother, Steve Halpern, Laraaji, Bitchin Bajas, and Klaus Schulze then “Leaving the Vessel” will be your jam. Let Neil Lord and Future Museums give you some bliss. Watch the amazing video by CINEMA.AV below and feel the light get just a little brighter at the end of that tunnel.

“Leaving the Vessel” is out now via Holodeck Records. Buy it here

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