Lou Rebecca Shines In Her New Video “To Keep You”

2019 was a pretty stunning year for Austin-based Parisian pop star Lou Rebecca. She dropped her feature-length debut Restless with Holodeck Records, which was a catchy, engaging, and ultimately endearing set of pop tracks. Rebecca writes songs that feel timeless and buoyant, and she delivers them with an innocence and restless abandon that never comes off childish. She writes heartache and longing in such a uniquely pop-centric way; a young, vibrant songwriter that seems to pull from a well of maturity far beyond her years. She brings you in with the hooks and 80s-centric synth tracks, but you stay for the emotional connection you make with Rebecca and her songs.

Another aspect of that emotional connection is Rebecca’s knack for making amazing videos for her songs. Over the course of 2019 Lou Rebecca released four videos for tracks “Waiting”, “Break It Apart”, “Desire”, and “Bonbon”. She’s charismatic, photogenic, and as much a performer as she is a master pop songsmith.

Lou Rebecca says goodbye to the song and video cycle of Restless with her final video for “To Keep You”. It’s the closing track for that album, and a beautiful ballad about loss and keeping loved ones alive through memory. The video co-stars Alan Palomo(aka Neon Indian) who produced the track and is a colorful and artistically-rich tapestry of striking shots. It feels part Luis Buñuel, part Ingmar Bergman, and a touch of Cirque du Soleil. Rebecca dances, plays piano, sits on a trapeze, and gets close with a snake. The video is captivating, surreal, and Lou Rebecca is as enigmatic and alluring as ever.

Bid Restless a fond adieu and fall into the world of “To Keep You” by watching the video below. And if you haven’t yet picked up the gorgeous Restless, you can grab it from Holodeck Records here. 

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