Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Slasher Film Festival Strategy

On this day for lovers there’s nothing more romantic than presenting that significant other with a box of chocolates from Fannie May, some long stem roses, and maybe even bondage gear(not judging.) But if you want to give your lover the gift that keeps on giving(besides that bondage gear), then present them with this new single from Slasher Film Festival Strategy. “I Will Never Fail To Let You Down” is another track off the forthcoming imagined soundtrack Love Scenes series, which also includes the released singles “So Far I’ve Wandered, Yet Still I Suffer” and the other new track “There’s Still A Little Bit Of Time, If We Hurry and I Mean Hurry”.

There’s a decidedly melancholy vibe with these latest batch of tunes from Christopher Ashley’s 20+ year heavy synth project. Is it romantic? Well, I suppose it depends on the listener. I sort of find SFFS to always sound a little romantic, in a doomed sort of way. Like James O’Barr romantic. Or Charles Bukowski romantic. Or…well, you get the point.

This latest track, and a Valentine’s Day surprise no less, continues the current vibe of macabre melancholy. A romantic evening alone with your significant other in an abandoned hotel, complete with rain-soaked shag carpet, mildewed mattress, and a mini-fridge filled with mason jars of ether and severed fingers. What’s not to love?

Hit play on the track below, and give your guy or gal a smooch from me, and SFFS.

What do you think? Let me know

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