Ross Goldstein Readies New Album ‘Timoka’; Listen To “Obsidian Cat II”

The Mellotron is one of those instruments that evokes such visceral feelings. From the flutes of “Strawberry Fields Forever” to old BBC radio programs to the world of 70s prog rock, the instrument had a way of lifting a song to new dimensions. Songwriter Ross Goldstein took a fancy to the world of the mellotron and released an instrumental album based around it back in 2018 called The Eighth House. Filled with icy landscapes and soundtrack-like mystery, it opened to door to a whole new musical world for the New York-based musician.

Goldstein is readying a new album called Timoka. It’s an instrumental affair that is once again based around the new digital mellotron. Using The Eighth House as a jumping off point, Timoka builds large, ominous worlds through orchestral sounds. The music seems to emanate from the center of the earth, or some other world entirely. Part science fiction, part epic fantasy, but still music that connects on an emotional level, the musical scope of Timoka is simply breathtaking.

Timoka will be released on January 31, 2020, on Birdwatcher Records. Listen to “Obsidian Cats II” below and preorder Timoka here.

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