Watch Steve Greene’s Video For “A Fog Engulfs The Coast”

Earlier this year Steve Greene dropped the exquisite Distant Transmissions: Kona, Hawaii, the first in a series of albums he plans to record and release as improvisations inspired by his surroundings. Using only a minimal setup, he hits record and lets the landscape and vibes in the air dictate where the song will go. Kona, Hawaii proved that vibes are everything, as that record goes from deep space drift to colorfully playful with each track. Greene is a master of the electronic music world and knows his way around an analog synth. This record shows both his mastery and imagination as a composer and musician.

So if you haven’t heard it, get on it.

As a taster for the record, please enjoy the newly minted video for standout track “A Fog Engulfs The Coast”. A tip-of-the-sonic-hat to John Carpenter here, the song seeps from the speakers like dread on the water as a wall of white swallows you whole. The video, made from found footage, keeps the mystery of the track intact while incorporating some spooky vibes(we are only a little over a month from Halloween.) So sit back and enjoy “A Fog Engulfs The Coast” and grab a copy of Distant Transmissions: Kona, Hawaii via Bellyache Records.

One thought on “Watch Steve Greene’s Video For “A Fog Engulfs The Coast”

  1. Such an awesome soundscape. The constant heartbeat-synth and the panning synths from left to right makes me visualise myself slowly trudging through a wretched dystopian wasteland. The beautiful ocean shoreline at the end is a relief!

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