Diiv’s “Taker”

The newest single released off of Diiv’s new album Deceiver(out October 4th) “Taker” continues the dark path we began with first single “Skin Game”. The dreamy gazes of Oshin and eccentricities of Is The Is Are have been replaced with a dark, hard look in the mirror.

Zachary Cole Smith, Diiv’s lead singer, guitarist, and main songwriter takes real steps to recovery on his first album since 2016s Is The Is Are. Where that album was a record about recovery while still using, Deceiver is a record about recovery post-recovery. All the regrets, false starts, and lies a user tells them self are on display here. The hard look back and coping with behaviors and habits and relationships that were only working to bring one down.

“Taker” takes Diiv’s sound down further that dark rabbit hole. A slow motion dirge that brings to mind True Widow and Low, with the sensibilities of Elliot Smith. Harmonies ring and are reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult. Guitar lines waver and weave like My Bloody Valentine. This track feels like another step into new sonic territory. Working with producer Sonny Diperri(My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails, Protomartyr) has allowed Smith and Diiv to open the floodgates and take their sound in a much darker, and in a way healthier, direction.

Deceiver drops in a little over a month on Captured Tracks. Check out “Taker” below and preorder the album here.

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