Steve Greene’s “The Evil Behind The Eyes”

Happy Saturday the 14th. Today’s the day where I celebrate the giant that is actor Richard Benjamin. I’ll go grab my betamax copy of his classic Saturday the 14th and enjoy some alone time in the analog den downstairs and contemplate another 64 oz Tang and my 3rd burnt offering of Jiffy Pop.

Besides that, since it is Saturday the 14th, that means yesterday was Friday the 13th. I hope you at least gave Sean Cunningham some viewing time. Or something exploitative with lots of T&A and gore. Me? I watched last year’s season finale of Suits and then a couple episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with the wife. I know, I’m pathetic. Such a disappointment as a horror fan. That’s okay, man. You know why? Because synth technician and horror scholar Steve Greene celebrated Friday the 13th in style. He released a new single that, for the time being, is a pay-what-you-want deal over at his Bandcamp page.

“The Evil Behind The Eyes” is a dense, dark, and beautifully crafted piece of music that seems to lie right into a musical world lined with Carpenter and Romero movie posters. Imagine walking into some dilapidated house that creaks and crumbles with each step forward. There’s moments of Middle Eastern flair that pop up, but for the most part it’s pure analog dread that weaves and curls up around your ankles as you make your way further into the house(and the song.) If Lalo Schifrin scored a 70s horror film, it may very well sound like this track.

Absolute stunner.

Head over to Steve Greene’s Bandcamp page and download this excellent Friday the 13th gift. Or make it a Saturday the 14th surprise. Either way, just put this in your ears. Pay-what-you-want. Maybe pay more than what you want. Let’s keep cats like Steve Greene continuing to be creative and busy working on music.

What do you think? Let me know

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