Sungod’s “Hypnotism”

It seems the deeper I dig into the Holodeck Records’ canon, the more intrigued and enthralled I’ve become. Under that same hot, Texas sun that has given us everyone from Townes Van Zandt to The Mars Volta, Willie Nelson to Spoon, ZZ Top to Big Mama Thornton, and Ornette Coleman to the Butthole Surfers, Holodeck Records sits in Austin plotting and scheming to take over the world one incredible release at a time. Under the Big Sky vastness of Texas, this small record label has created not just a scene, but its very own planet of experimentalism, existential drifting, and heady vibes made of a circuital circulatory system and an analog heart. Everything from post-rock, Krautrock, psych, and ambient are part of the Holodeck ideal. Music to get lost in, as well as music to find yourself within. Enveloping and cascading synths merge with spaced-out jams and acid-burnt guitars. It’s all there(see Holodeck Vision One for a reference point.)

One upcoming release I’m quite excited for is Sungod’s Wave Refraction. They seem to delve into deeper waters, with sunburnt psych and Krautrock as a starting point. Maybe bits of early progressive rock(think Tangerine Dream before they started doing concerts in churches and walls of modular synths.) The single “Hypnotism”, if any indication, shows the band going into Dark Side of the Moon territory. There’s a dreamy quality here that gives you the feel of lying on the hood of your car and staring up at a vast and endless forest of stars and wondering what it all means. It’s both beautiful and overwhelming.

Check out “Hypnotism” below, and preorder Wave Refraction here. It comes out August 24th, 2018 on Holodeck Records.


6 thoughts on “Sungod’s “Hypnotism”

      1. Yup right time and place and that would send you off to other worlds.

        Question: often you’re the only one writing about this stuff. How do you find all of these bands and albums? I mean, I know a bit about music and it’s few and far between I’ve heard of anything you mention!


      2. I find something that excites me musically and I search likeminded music out. Lots of times its record labels that cater to my musical tastes. Once I find a band or artist I dig, I go thru their label’s roster and find lots to love.

        It’s just my thing. I’m a bit OCD like that, too.


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