Midwest Mix : JHubner 73s First Playlist(Christmas Edition)

Hello everyone.

I hope this post finds you nestled in your favorite chair on Christmas morning. Maybe the kids are tearing through all that hard work put into wrapping the gifts in record speed. Here’s to a pot of dark roast brewing in the kitchen, maybe some cinnamon rolls rising in the oven, and a smile on everyone’s faces(except for that one kid…he gets coal.)

I’m sitting in my favorite chair, enjoying a rum and coke, and listening to Mondo’s release of the soundtrack for The Invitation. It’s intense and beguiling. The film is great, too. Low key but menacing. I’m also celebrating finishing my first ever JHubner73 playlist. I decided that once a month I’m going to play a few tracks that are blowing my mind currently. Maybe you’ve heard ’em, maybe you haven’t. Either way I had a blast playing the tunes(straight from vinyl, natch) and talking about them.

Here’s the thing: I’ve always wanted to be a DJ. Even as a kid I’d make these faux radio shows on my stereo by running a mic into my Soundesign all-in-one stereo, talk shit about nothing in general and introduce songs. I’d play a cassette in one of the dual cassette decks and record in the other. It was a blast. I loved the whole idea of being that lone voice in the night that kept folks company while also filling their heads with music. I remember on Saturday nights when I was 12-13 years old my local radio station would play rock/metal songs and I totally flipped for it. I think a couple local drug dealers/record store owners sponsored the show, and I was cool with that. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Cinderella, and Dokken were played ALOT and that awkward teen version of me loved it. After high school my cousin started working part time at a radio station set up in the Amish countryside of Nappanee, Indiana. 95.7. He ran White Sox baseball games and after they were over we’d play original songs we’d recorded, as well as Jimi Hendrix and The Guess Who. It was another chance to play out that DJ fantasy.

So on this Christmas day I hope this finds you and yours well and that you put me in your head for a little under an hour. I hope you enjoy the tunes I play. And if you really dig them, go grab the albums.

Here’s what was played:

Quaeschning & Schnauss : “Among Mannatees”

Dust Witch : “Mirage”

Deadly Avenger : “The Hidden”

Tired Tape Machine : “Gone”

Stranger Things Season 2 S/T(Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein) : “Escape” and “We Go Out Tonight”

Blade Runner 2049 S/T(Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch) : “All The Best Memories Are Hers” and “Tears In The Rain”

Mayhem S/T(Steve Moore) : “Level 3” and “Bullets Are For Cowards”

Johann Johannsson : “The Sun’s Gone Dim And The Sky’s Turned Black”

Gigan : “Hideous Wailing Of The Ronowen During Nightshade”

If you dig it, buy it!! And apologies for mispronunciations. Truly.


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