Please Don’t Ask

I’m sitting here feeling a bit under the weather. Spinning some Genesis to help with the healing process. It seems the multitudes of viruses, bugs, and general disease that have made their way through my home the last three months that failed to make their mark on me have, indeed, finally made their mark. I was feeling fine just yesterday. Put a sweaty four miles on the treadmill, lifted some weights like only Adonis could, and bid the gym a fond adieu. This morning I wake up with what feels like a sandpaper-covered frog in my throat, achy, and just a general feeling of malaise hanging over me like some existential rainstorm.

I know the physical aspect of this feeling is from being under the weather. But that existential drift I’m experiencing is from that outside world I’ve been trying to maneuver around like the last breathing meatbag in a mall overrun by zombies. Zombies wheezing things like “Get over it, snowflake”, and “We’re gonna make America great again”.  On a daily basis I see a good number of things that make me lose faith in that good old American spirit. I see a country in the throes of a moral crisis. I know there’s people suffering from “buyer’s remorse”. Those people that voted for the reality TV clown because he was going to do something about abortion, ISIS, immigration, and bring jobs back to the US. They couldn’t in good conscience vote for “that woman”. Try as I might, I just can’t see the logic. Instead of voting for a woman with years of experience in politics and government, but is pro choice, they instead vote for the thrice married, thrice bankrupted, con man who stiffed dozens of contractors and employees over the years with lawsuits following him around like flies to shit. Non-religious casino mogul with the backing of the alt-right(white nationalists) beats the wife of the philandering ex-president. A woman that despite her husband’s laundry list of foibles and faults sticks with him. Figured those fine Christian women would see that as a decent character trait. A hell of a lot better than the guy that fucked around on two wives, possibly a third. A guy that on countless occasions stiffed contractors that did work on his many “yuuuge” buildings. Middle class working stiffs that felt they didn’t have a leg to stand on. Guys that the current POTUS says he wants to help by bringing jobs back to the country.

I can remember when it was easy to say I love you/But things have changed since then/Now I really can’t say if I still do

The thing is, this guy isn’t doing any of this. Once again, a good portion of the voting population was duped into voting in a “Trojan Horse” candidate. Trump walked through the Oval Office doors and brought in with him Steve Bannon. A foul human being that made clickbait hate articles into an artform over at Breitbart. Breitbart isn’t a news site, contrary to what some may believe. It’s a gunk machine. It spews vitriol opinions with the sole purpose of destroying liberal thought. Their main goal is to “whiten” up American society. LGBTQ? Hate it. Equal rights? Unless you’re white, male, and of the superior race, hate ’em. Immigrants? Fuck ’em.  Refugees? Fuck ’em and let ’em die. Muslims? Fuck ’em, too. Only religion that counts is Christianity. They start out by trying to be funny. “Hey man, lighten up. This PC bullshit needs to settle down, man. We’re just trying to have some fun.” But soon enough they start throwing bullshit claims out there and start talking about Sharia Law and that Clinton would enable Sharia Law. They’ll begin taking women away if they speak their mind(now just for reference, I actually heard this insanity at work from a woman my age.) Breitbart is like Fox News on alien steroids. Leni Riefenstahl had nothing on these guys. Breitbart makes the guy too lazy to actually read up on things on his own feel like he’s well versed in politics. They’re telling the completely inappropriate racial jokes and then saying “Hey, I’m just messing with you”, while slipping you a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ under the table. They’re the smarmy guy at the bar that spews “facts” out at you and when you try to rebuke him he just gets louder and makes a fart joke.

This, my friends, is where America is at.

I’ve never let politics bug me like this before. I’d get mad in the past, but up to 2008 politics had always been a give and take game in this country. Despite whether you voted for the guy in office or not there was always some form of middle ground to be found. There’s always been political discourse. But since 2008 things have gotten so much more personal and ugly. Nasty ugly. I didn’t care for George Bush. I really didn’t care for Dick Cheney. But despite my dislike I still respected the office and felt that there was still at the core some humanity in there. Lots of greed, but still some semblance of humanity. I don’t see that humanity anymore. I see a bunch of fear, anger, posturing, and absolutely no attempts at being empathetic…on either side. I know it’s funny to you, but calling someone a snowflake because they’re not happy that White Nationalists are trying to take over the country isn’t all that cool. Being mature about things doesn’t mean you’re being politically correct. It just means your being decent about things.

Sorry for all of this. I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled program very soon. I just had to get this off my chest. Most of my close friends are rather distant these days. Getting older, growing apart. I’ve got one good friend at work and we see things very similarly, politically and socially. Lone liberals in a sea of gun nuts and Bible thumpers, but I think we’re both getting burnt out on all of this. We’re both at a loss for words anymore when it comes to the thought process of the Midwesterner. I need to find a way out of the hate cycle.

It’s hard not to feel like an elitist when you’re constantly surrounded by such vapidness.

Think I’ll get back to some more Genesis.



24 thoughts on “Please Don’t Ask

  1. Many of my US connections are feeling a version of this, John. You are in good company with people who think honesty isn’t such a bad idea and that perhaps the leader of the Western World could do with a slightly higher vocabulary quota than a dull third grader. And it’s spreading. People here are bemused by Trumps belligerent discourtesy to a long term ally. When I say ‘people’ I guess I mean those that favour anti-humanist right wing disregard. Anyway, I don’t quite agree with Mike (though I understand his sentiment). I think it is entirely needful to maintain the rage. You deserve better than this. So does the world. Keep ranting, brother.

    PS. I love ‘Duke’.

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    1. Much love, Bruce.

      I’ll keep ranting, knowing that it’s at least not falling on deaf ears. I know civility and compassion still exist. It’s just been difficult to see through the muck and mire.

      I planned on writing about ‘Duke’, actually. But then this came out instead.

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      1. I never realized just how good it was till recently. Honestly, it’s quite genius pop music. ‘Duke’ seems to be the last album where they reveled in those progressive tendencies. Even up to ‘Invisible Touch’ they were putting 8 minute tracks on their albums. Never realized “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” was as long as it was.

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Western World so bemused by a ‘leader’ before. If he manages to stay in office for the minimum term, it’s gonna take a helluva long time for America to get over it. Heck, even get over the short time he’s been in office if he left tomorrow. Make America Great Again? What made America great? It’s a new work country built by immigrants (among other things).

    Anyhoo, I don’t know whether I feel sad or angry. It’s not my country, but I have friends (you included) who live there and it sucks that they now live in a country that seems to be moving in a direction that can only be at odds with the rest of the world.

    Well, almost the rest of the World. We have a Prime Minister who seems to think that she can stand shoulder to shoulder with Trump & Co. and lead the world. Fuck that.

    I try not to rant. Look at the positives each day. Music. And hopefully the World is around long enough to see the release of The Last Jedi.

    Keep your chin up, JH. We’re all with ya.

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    1. Thanks Jim. The Last Jedi. That’s something to look forward to at least, and I know we’ll make it to see it. It’s only a matter of time before the administration steps over the line enough that they’ll even infuriate their own constituents.

      I’m hoping so, anyways.

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  3. awesome volley, people. Yes, maintain the rage. I would welcome Bush or the Terminator with open arms. How is it that “traditions” and honesty can be TRUMPED by Trump, and he become PUSA? There are more stringent requirements to adopt a cat. How can he NOT disclose tax returns, and NOT be accountable for lies, and NOT be deemed UNFIT based on temperament alone? Interns for psych positions and people who have cosmetic surgeries have more rigorous assessment of mental health!
    Phil Collins sole tune “I Missed Again”….love THAT song!!
    And, ABACAB.

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  4. Fell better soon dude – both over your cold, and in some way finding a way to navigate the throes of your home country right now. Your blog is a great way to get this stuff off your chest, so go for that catharsis, man!

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    1. Thank you, sir. The health aspect is doing better. The political stuff? It is what it is. Good to have like-minded folks like yourself out there that understand or can empathize.


      1. Oh anytime, brother. I can empathize… to a point. It isn’t my country, I don’t get the ramifications nearly as quickly as you will, though you are our valued southern neighbour. But yeah. Hooboy.

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