Please Shove That Meme Up Your A**

I feel like I should say something about what happened in Paris on Friday night. I feel like I should say something about all those innocent people that were snuffed out while they were out and about on a Friday evening having drinks and enjoying a rock show, rooting for their team at a soccer game, or shopping at a local mall. I feel I should say something about those nearly 40 people that were killed in two suicide bombings the day before in Beirut. Going about their day enjoying coffee at a cafe, or chopping vegetables in their kitchen doing the routines they’ve known for so long. In an instant they’re gone because someone had a bomb attached to their body as they walked into a crowded street.

I feel like I should say something about those lost in those senseless, barbaric acts of violence. But honestly, the words aren’t coming to me.

I do know that plenty of people seem to have the answers on how these acts of violence could have been prevented, and it involves arming every citizen in the world. “If only those people at the Bataclan Theater had all been carrying glocks they could’ve shot it out with the terrorists”, said someone somewhere a million miles from danger. I’ve also seen a meme or two using these atrocities to push forward the simpleton ideas that gun control is bad. “Just look at Paris! You see!?” For those using these senseless deaths to push agendas, here’s what I have to say to you:

Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.

I have no solutions for these mass murders(and neither do you so shove that meme up your ass.) I have no answers or words of warmth and grace to give to those who were hurt in the attacks. I have no “God has a plan” bullshit excuse for the family members of those that died Thursday and Friday(and if you do, please just keep it to yourself.) Arming every man, woman, and child is not going to fix anything. Neither is shoving scripture down the throats of what you see as the “spiritually hungry”. Hating and fearing Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews, and anyone else that you don’t understand isn’t going to fix things(yeah, it only makes it worse.)

I know, I know. You think what you believe is the only way, so therefore you’re free to vomit up whatever you want because you’re on the side of righteousness. You feel that you can be an authority on how to live in this life and are free to let everyone else know how they should live and how wrong they are in their own happiness. I get that. You see, those bastards that came roaring into the Bataclan on Friday night thought the same thing. That’s why they opened fire on a room full of concertgoers. That’s why someone strapped a bomb to their body and blew themselves and 40 others sky high in Beirut the day before. You may not be unloading a banana clip into a room full of people, or detonating a dynamite belt in the town square but your lack of empathy or understanding to people you don’t agree with or understand is the seed that grows into something far uglier.

How about this, you live your life how you see fit. You worship whatever God you want to worship and be happy. Be content with that. Enough with the judging and the Apostolic posturing on social networks and comment sections of stories relating to tragedies such as Beirut and Paris. You really just come across as hateful. And ignorant. Maybe for once in your life just feel for those that were taken so violently from this life, and for the family members they were forced to leave behind.

I don’t think this is something we can fix. These acts of terrorism, that is. As long as there are extreme factions of religion, and as long as we humans are left to “interpret” the words of God then there will always be these horrible events. All we can do is be vigilant. Look out for one another. Try to be understanding. Try to be open-minded.

And enough with the memes.


10 thoughts on “Please Shove That Meme Up Your A**

  1. I was just thinking this to myself and then I read your strong message: ” As long as there are extreme factions of religion, and as long as we humans are left to “interpret” the words of God then there will always be these horrible events.” It is true that as long as religions must try to convert new followers, we will always have war and strife because we will not be left alone to get on with it. Your outpouring of emotion is as it should be: Show compassion and direct your anger at the callousness of certain people.

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  2. Somehow your raw anger seems a much more appropriate response. Those other quick attempts to fit these obscene acts of violence into a storyline that makes sense completely ignore what really happened. Innocent people died for no good reason. You make good sense, Mr. Hubner.

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