Le Saule

Another week here and another week the wife is four states away working until the weekend. She was North Carolina-bound on Saturday afternoon, after my company picnic at the Fort Wayne Zoo(no animals were harmed in the making of that company picnic.) The picnic was decent enough, except for the fact it was 90 some odd degrees in the shade. Humidity up near 100%, and a very suspect lunch that included some sort of mystery bratwurst(okay, maybe an animal was harmed.) At one point I saw an old man blow up into a ball of flames and disintegrate in front of the lemur cage. And I won’t even go into the capuchin monkeys that built an aircraft from feces and took off for Lansing, Michigan. Wait, maybe that was a mirage.

Either way, it was an interesting day at the zoo.

So the wife said her goodbyes and she was off, while the kids and I stopped at Sweetwater Sound on the way out of Fort Wayne and I bought a couple packs of guitar strings and an Electro Harmonix Glove overdrive pedal. Fortunately we pretty much avoided the nasty storm that was following us through the Fort, but it caught up with us later that night at home where we were dumped upon by the fury of the Gods. Torrential rains, lightning, thunder, and a tornado watch that lasted till midnight. It was an interesting evening for sure.

Sunday my dad came over for coffee. He goes in tomorrow to have a bone spur removed from his ankle where it’s rubbing against his achilles tendon. He’ll be out of commision for some time. Three different casts, crutches, and one whole week of having his foot elevated. He wanted to come over for a cup or two of the good stuff before he was incapacitated. I mowed the yard, cleaned out the gutters, and cleaned the garage after he left. It felt like a rain forest outside -or Boca Raton, Florida- and I think I may have sweated off close to 5 lbs and even a couple years of life. But man, the yard looks great! That afternoon I took the kids to go see ‘Ant-Man’. Great flick. Very entertaining. Funny, action-packed, and lots of great surprises for the Marvel Universe. I wasn’t expecting much from this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. As an added bonus, they showed a trailer for ‘Star Wars : The Force Awakens’ and I got to squeal like a little kid at the site of the Millennium Falcon on-screen once again. Joy!

So as a treat for the kids(and to myself), I picked up some Panda Express for dinner. Orange Chicken, Chow mein noodles, and broccoli beef. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. My tongue isn’t swelling, so the MSGs must be low as well. Currently I’m spinning Marc Moulin’s Sam Suffy. If you’re not familiar with Marc Moulin, he’s the keyboardist that started the Belgian jazz fusion band Placebo in the early 70s. They put out three records that were absolutely stunning. Think of Hancock’s Headhunters phase, but a little more restrained. Like a Lalo Schifrin soundtrack, but more groove and soul. A great mix of the traditional instrumentation and Moulin’s key and synth touches that almost gave the music a futuristic vibe. Sam Suffy is at once even more restrained, yet experimental. You’ve got the smooth jazz funk of “Le Saule” and the fun cover of Thelonious Monk’s “Misterioso” on side A. Side b is some more great bass and drum groove with “La Blouse” and “Le Beau Galop”. Then side C and D are dedicated to “Tohu-Bohu” parts I through V. It’s skronky keys, muffled trumpet, and some serious grooving at times. Compared to Placebo, and even side A and B, this mini suite is far from paint-by-numbers fusion. With Moulin’s tasteful piano runs it sometimes feels like something The Bad Plus would put out today. Some seriously tasty stuff here.

So that’s that. Listening to some moody jazz, wishing my woman was here to enjoy it with me. Saturday couldn’t come soon enough.


11 thoughts on “Le Saule

    1. Nothing’s too good for my kids. And I’m sure they’ll let me use them from time to time.

      The shirts were made by my wife and oldest daughter the day before we went to the zoo. I thought they did a great job.

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  1. I’m needing to pick up a proper good sounding overdrive pedal, as the Danelectro one I have is a bit too brash. I’ve been considering getting an Electro Harmonix one and that one (from what I’ve read) sounds like it could be the pedal I’m looking for. That said, I’m sorta hooked on the sound of the Boss Blues Driver!

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    1. I’ve used a R.A.T. pedal for the past five years and really like it. But with chords it tends to get a bit fuzzy and lose some definition in the sound. Think a Big Muff, but quieter. The Glove does exactly what I want it to do. I can kick it in for solos and it adds a nice boost to it. For big chord moments it’s nice and distorted but doesn’t fuzz out on me. I haven’t even really scratched the surface with it yet, but I think for the $67 price tag I can’t beat it. Definitely worth your time to try out. I used it in recording a song no more than an hour after I got home. Really gives my Fender Mustang a good kick in the pants. Excited to see what it does to my J Mascis Jazzmaster.


      1. That sounds like a sweet pedal and definitely worth investigating a bit further. The R.A.T. sounds pretty much like I thought when I tried it – lost a little too much in the fuzz. The search is about over though. Well, is over – seems like the decision to be made is Glove or the Blues Driver!

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  2. So people do actually have company picnics? I thought they were just in films. I do like the sound of marc Moulin and we’ve got Ant Man pencilled in for the weekend too.

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    1. Yeah, company picnics aren’t just relegated to rom coms. We used to go every year, but as time goes on, so does my distaste for hanging out with co-workers. The kids enjoyed seeing the baby orangutan, so I suppose it was worth it.

      You really need to check out Moulin, or at the very least get a hold of those Placebo records. Highly recommended by The Jhubner73s.

      Ant-Man is great. Just a fun and funny movie, with some great Marvel inside jokes. And make sure you wait around until the lights come up. Two hidden gems during the credits.

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      1. Yeah right! And Donald Trump’s is a nationally important figure with a credible chance of competing to be the person potentially in control of a vast nuclear arsenal ….

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