Night Falls On The Lake City

DSC04155Boy, what a weekend it has been. Patching, sanding, priming, and painting. When you’re done, start all over again. There’s a reason I never went into the home renovation racket. I’d a been horrible at it. But hey, it’s worth it to see the smiles on the kids faces, right? Sure it is, pal. Sure it is.

My oldest can officially move into her new bedroom in the basement. We finished the painting in there this morning. After an hour or two spent cleaning the dust off the furniture downstairs things are looking reasonably back to normal. We taped off the oldests old room so we could start room number two for our other daughter. The ceiling has been painted and half the wall is done. We’re waiting for the paint to dry so we can tape and paint the bottom half of the wall, then room number two will be done. Beds are being delivered tomorrow for the young ones, while our oldest will have her day bed delivered Tuesday morning. So everyone will have their own room by Christmas morning. It’s been a long time coming.

I’ve got nothing more to report, other than I’m tired and sore and anxiously awaiting my orange chicken and fried rice to arrive(courtesy of my wife and son…oh, and Panda Express.) I’ll just be relieved when everyone has their own space and the house can be put back in order. That anal retentiveness mixed with my mild OCD-tendencies doesn’t fare well with crap lying around everywhere, but I realize I have no control over that. No need to sweat the small stuff, like some annoying person once said. It’s a means to a much comfortable end. Plus, Christmas Eve I will be opening my Christmas present, which is a Samsung Chromebook. My new blogging buddy. I can’t wait. Merry Christmas to me. Now finally I can be one of those annoying folks at Starbucks(or preferably Three Crowns Coffee in downtown Warsaw)with their WiFi device and typing away, or internet browsing while sipping on their mocha, latte, frappe, or plain old black as night brew. I’m looking forward to the possibilities.


2 Replies to “Night Falls On The Lake City”

  1. That’s turning out nicely! The egress window? That’s a particularly responsible thing to do. I had a “window” in in my HS bedroom. In heavy rains it became a muddy fishbowl.


    1. I’ve got a mom that would make us feel guilty until we did the right(and safe)thing and install an egress window. She’s the bullshit meter for us.

      I’m glad we went the safe route, as it brings so much more light into the room. It’s almost like you’re not even downstairs. As far as the muddy fishbowl, another part of the basement has that window. Fortunately it’s on the side of the basement that’s not finished.


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