DSC03883This is my jam tonight. Lights down low, Christmas lights blazing in the corner of the room to give the proceedings a ethereal vibe. My wife and oldest daughter headed to the big city to do some clothes shopping while my younger two and myself stayed home. My 10 year old daughter has a head/chest cold and didn’t need to be out and about shopping till she drops(or goes into an asthma attack), so we hung out at the homestead. I think we made out all right. I got two songs recorded on the 4-track today(songs that will end up on a new Sunnydaymassacre album), plus I took the kids to Zoyo for some frozen yogurt in the afternoon. Win-win, folks. Win-win.

Twoism is the other album I snagged yesterday on Black Friday. Not an RSD release, but one that I’ve wanted. I was hesitant to pick it up as I thought it was just a throwaway album by Boards of Canada. It was not. In fact, it was their first proper release from 1995 and it’s simply beautiful. Very much in the vein of Music Has The Right To Children, with even a couple of the songs sounding like they may have made it onto that album. Twoism is very low key and chill. These Scottish brothers are in the downbeat vibe here and I love it. “Twoism” instantly put me in a great mood. I may have to have a drink and play this album again.

It’s not even 7pm, but it feels like 11pm. Any of you deal with daylight savings time? It’s a dandy little thing that makes me feel like I’m in 30 Days Of Night. It’s supposed to help the farmers by giving them more time to plow the fields or something. I’m not sure how it helps anybody, other than people that want to put their kids to bed at 7pm. Hell, we hardly have working farmers around here anymore, so it’s kinda pointless. “Fall Back, Spring Forward”. At least we got a clever saying out of the deal.

Side one is playing again. Yes, my Saturday night chill is back. I should get a blanket.

2 thoughts on “Twoism

  1. I can’t quite get in to this BoC, but, via you, I can at least understand why people are weird … ummm … different. From what I can tell BoC deserves love.


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