Weekend Spins

DSC03841Saturday is upon us once more. I’ve spent a good portion of this Saturday in my basement like some sort of unshowered troll digging through piles of unused and unloved toys. Trash bags filled, they wait for trash day to be handled by our fine friends at Staffords Waste. Until trash day, there are other things to be done. What you ask? Well I’m readying an album release. In-between bagging childhood memories and forgotten birthday gifts I was loading songs onto the Cambodia Highball Bandcamp page. We’re getting there, folks. It’s starting to be a reality. I’ve got four CDs burnt so far as well. Rock n’ roll, behind the curtains. It’s not all debauchery, magic, and improvisational mastery. There’s also those nuts and bolts that need tightening before that machine works to full capacity. I liken it to the carnival coming into town. Before the kids laughs are heard from miles around, and paroled carnies eye underage girls as they step inside the Tilt-O-Whirl, the bolts need tightened on those half ass rides. We’re currently tightening bolts on this half ass ride we’re calling Odd Geometry.

Yesterday before I came home I stopped to see my friend John at Karma Records and he had for me Boards of Canada’s The Campfire Headphase. After waiting forever for those fellas to reissue their back catalog they finally have come through. Or Warp Records has come through anyways. I know everyone seems to put Music Has A Right To Children up on some sort of post-rock pedestal, but for my money The Campfire Headphase is the one that won me over. Hell, their first three albums are masterpieces, we’re just being picky at this point. But for some reason ‘Campfire’ has a hold of me and won’t let go. It’s a little light on the breakbeats and more concerned with creating an overall melancholy vibe. I dig melancholy vibes, in case you didn’t know. This album has made my weekend. Sure, rummaging through toys is fun and all, but The Campfire Headphase with a frosty mug of Amberbock was just the way I needed to start the weekend.

Besides snagging Boards of Canada, I also grabbed Earthless’ Sonic Prayer. It’s two tracks of unadulterated guitar badassness. Earthless are quickly becoming my favorite psychedelic rockers. A show with them and White Hills sharing a bill would be something to behold. And guitarist Isaiah Mitchell is what I’d call a guitar slinger of the highest. It’s not just noise and squall he’s creating in these 20 minute improvisational jams. At the core of his playing is real soul. Hendrix and Cream-era Clapton echo in his playing, with a healthy dose of Iommi riff-mongering as well. But, he creates something completely unique with Earthless. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Well, that pretty much sums up the weekend so far. I’m on another run-thru with The Campfire Headphase. A feel like a Dayvan Cowboy in an ’84 Pontiac Dream.


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